Haunted Castles in Scotland

Stirling Castle, Stirling, Scotland

Stirling Castle Ghosts There are a few reported spirits at Stirling Castle. The most active sighting is of the Highland ghost. Staff and visitors have often seen his apparition, often wearing a full traditional costume, kilt and...

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Eilean Donan Castle, Dornie, Scottish Highlands

Perhaps the most recognisable castle in all of Scotland? Eilean Donan is certainly the most romantic, perched at the centre of where three Scottish Lochs meet. With history dating back to the 7th century, there are no prizes for...

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Dalhousie Castle Hotel & Spa, Edinburgh

Dating way back to the 13th century, this castle has seen many people passing through its doors. It’s alleged to be haunted by a number of ghosts, most notably that of Sir Alexander Ramsay. He was starved to death in 1342 in...

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Fyvie Castle, near Turiff, Aberdeenshire

Brief History Fyvie Castle near Turif in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, is believed to have been built around the 13th Century by William the Lion. The castle served as a Royal stronghold until 1390, shortly after the Battle of...

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Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland

Glamis Castle is widely renowned as one of the most haunted locations across the British Isles. The sheer number of reports that have occurred there, as well as the folklore that surrounds it, certainly lend itself to this...

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Ackergill Tower Castle Hotel, Wick, Caithness, Scotland

In the 15th century, the castle was owned by the Keith family who were in a feud with the Gunn family. After several murders and revenge murders on either side, Helen Gunn was abducted by a member of the Keith family for her...

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Airth Castle Hotel, Falkirk, Scotland

Many castles across the United Kingdom are haunted – and Airth Castle is definitely one of them. In rooms 3, 9 and 23, the sound of children playing has been heard when the rooms were otherwise empty – perhaps these are the...

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Tulloch Castle Hotel, Dingwall, Scotland

Tulloch Castle is actually thought to have many ghosts – but the most-sighted ghost, and the ghost most talked about, is the Green Lady. She has been sighted so frequently, the bar in the castle is actually named the Green Lady...

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Balmoral Castle, Aberdeen

Balmoral Castle can be found near the village of Crathie. It is one of the several residences of the British Royal Family. It was purchased by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Although Balmoral Castle is not part of the Crown...

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Borthwick Castle, Edinburgh

Because Borthwick castle is an old, old building with a long and involved history, it has been home to many distinguished guests over the years, including Mary Queen of Scots. Mary sought sanctuary at Borthwick with her husband...

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