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No scare tactics, no fluff, just real genuine ghost hunting at the UK’s best haunted venues!

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Haunted Breaks & Haunted Sleepovers

If the idea of just a ghost hunt gets you excited/nervous, just imagine sleeping in the very place you have been hunting ghosts all night!

Join our overnight ghost hunts at these thrilling locations with the added benefit of saving you on late night travel, and accommodation costs! Dinner and breakfast is also provided with our extrenely popular Haunted Breaks.

haunted hotel

Featured Ghost Hunt Locations


Ghost Hunts by Region

london bridge haunted

London Ghost Hunts

The most haunted capital city in the world? Many think so! Join us as we investigate some of London’s most haunted venues!

wales ghost hunts

Wales Ghost Hunts

Simply put, Wales is one of the most historic and haunted countries in the world! Join us as we investigate its scariest locations.

north west ghost hunts

North West Ghost Hunts

Go ghost hunting in the creepiest abandoned manors, old theatres, and historic buildings around England’s North West region.

Belgrave Hall Leicester

East Midlands Ghost Hunts

The Midlands is full of some of the most historic venues in the country, and East Midlands has a lot of haunted ones! 

Bishton Hall Ghost Hunt

West Midlands Ghost Hunts

The West Midlands is considered one of the most haunted regions in the country, and it contains some incredible haunted locations.

Haunted Castle Keep Newcastle

North East Ghost Hunts

Ghost hunts in North East England are particularly special, with incredibly haunted locations such as Vane Tempest Hall, and more.


Yorkshire Ghost Hunts

Looking for a ghost hunting venue in God’s On County? Experience the infamous poltergeist house, and more!

Missenden Abbey from above

South East Ghost Hunts

Enjoy a paranormal weekend with us at some historic and extremely haunted locations such as Missenden Abbey, and Oxford Castle!

Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

South West Ghost Hunts

Take in all what the south west has to offer, including the most haunted house in England, The Ancient Ram Inn.

Closeburn Castle Haunted

Ghost Hunts in Scotland

With a such a rich history woven with tragedy, Scotland is regarded by many as the most haunted country in the world.

Ghost Hunt FAQS

Haunted Rooms ghost hunts are ticketless. Your proof of booking is your booking confirmation email. You will also receive an email with important information prior to your event, usually Wednesday or Thursday.

All guests need to be 18 years or over. Events are not recommended for heavily pregnant women, persons of a nervous disposition, or anyone with a known heart condition. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who appears to be under the age of 18 unless photo proof of identity is provided i.e. Passport or Driving Licence.

In the rare case that an event is cancelled, all guests will be offered a choice of a full refund, an alternative event, or a credit note in the form of a gift card. This gift card will never expire and the balance will roll over until the full amount has been spent.

As a lot of the ghost hunt locations are very old with uneven flooring, we strongly advise all people attending an event to wear sturdy footwear. The essential item for any Ghost Hunt is a torch (not forgetting spare batteries) as most investigations are carried out in complete darkness, we don’t want you tripping up.

You may also want to bring along your Camera, Camcorder etc. You never know what you may catch on film! Tea/Coffee and snacks are always provided on the events to keep you going throughout the night.

Become a paranormal investigator for the night like the TV stars of Most haunted, ghost adventures or TAPS Ghost Hunters.

Use some of the specialised equipment and be guided by experienced paranormal investigators who will share their knowledge, techniques and experiences of hunting for ghosts or spirits.

We are not out to try and convince the world of the existence of an afterlife. That’s for you to decide.

We can be Sceptical and logical yet open to other beliefs and prayers of protection will be carried out.

We do not perform tricks and will not be running around with sheets on our heads or jumping out at you.

You will be with other like-minded people looking for the answer “is there really an afterlife”?

However much we try unfortunately we can’t guarantee that members of the spirit world will make their presence known but we can at least guarantee that you will experience a fun and interesting night at your chosen events.

It is your responsibility at the time of booking to ensure that you are able to make the event date as Haunted Rooms cannot offer a refund or transfer your places if you are unable to attend. Locations are paid in advance and these costs are owed even if you cannot make the event. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable unless it is Haunted Rooms’ decision to cancel an event.

Happy Ghost Hunters

Linzi Mcloughlin

OMG, what a night!!

I’m still recovering from the shock of seeing what I believe to be the lady in grey. I’ve been on a lot of ghost hunts in the past and it’s hit and miss whether you catch a venue on an active night, and boy was it active tonight! This is why I do this. Thanks to all the team for an amazing night, I will be coming back again as soon as I can.

Stacey Best

What a fantastic night!!

My first ghost hunt really had a fabulous time, the team are amazing I would recommend a night or weekend doing this! The best experience for me was the table tipping. Thanks, guys for an awesome night xx

Stacey Best

What a fantastic night at Gloucester prison

Never been to one before and my friends and I cannot wait to book another. Just amazing thank you 5* from us!

Kelly Hadden
Tom Dallison

Booking another ASAP!

My girlfriend and I attended our first ever ghost hunting event with Haunted Rooms and we absolutely loved it! We got a lot of proof that ghosts are real and that the Barlow Institute in Bolton is definitely haunted. When we did table tipping just me and my partner the table was literally on 2 legs it was unbelievable. And when using the Ouija board a past relative actually came through and spoke to me, it was an amazing night. Booking another ASAP!

Tom Dallison

Be A Ghost Hunter for the night…

Join our supportive team of paranormal investigators on UK ghost hunts at some of the country’s most popular and exclusive haunted venues.


We work extremely hard to bring you the very best overnight ghost hunts. That means we’re always updating the site with fresh ghost hunting events, ones that you won’t find elsewhere.

Book with complete Confidence…

In the event a ghost hunt is cancelled, you will be able to switch to an alternate date, receive a credit note, or receive a full refund. It’s up to you!