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Linzi Mcloughlin

OMG, what a night!!

I’m still recovering from the shock of seeing what I believe to be the lady in grey. I’ve been on a lot of ghost hunts in the past and it’s hit and miss whether you catch a venue on an active night, and boy was it active tonight! This is why I do this. Thanks to all the team for an amazing night, I will be coming back again as soon as I can.

Stacey Best

What a fantastic night!!

My first ghost hunt really had a fabulous time, the team are amazing I would recommend a night or weekend doing this! Best experience for me was the table tipping. Thanks guys for a awesome night xx

Stacey Best

What a fantastic night at Gloucester prison

Never been to one before and me and my friends cannot wait to book another.. Just amazing thank you 5* from us!

Kelly Hadden
Tom Dallison

Booking another ASAP!

Myself and my girlfriend attended our first ever ghost hunting event with Haunted Rooms and we absolutely loved it! We got a lot of proof that ghosts are real and that the Barlow Institute in Bolton is definitely haunted. When we did table tipping just me and my partner the table was literally on 2 legs it was unbelievable. And when using the Ouija board a past relative actually came through and spoke to me, it was an amazing night. Booking another ASAP!

Tom Dallison
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Are you brave enough to experience first hand the world of the paranormal?

In partnership with the most experienced and well-known ghost hunting companies and paranormal teams nationwide, we bring you the largest list of overnight ghost hunting events in the UK.

What to Expect?

Just who or what will you come into contact with on one of the many ghost hunting nights available to you nationwide?

Do you believe in ghosts, or are looking for proof beyond a doubt that they exist? Want to take part in a thrilling night of true paranormal investigation on one of our many haunted nights? Have you got what it takes to spend a night challenging everything you’ve come to believe about life after death? Take a step forward and fight your fears in one of the most haunted places the UK has to offer!

We are the UK’s most trusted provider when it comes to providing true genuine ghost hunt nights and haunted weekends. By booking any of the 300+ events, whether that be in a haunted house, creepy mansion, or a terrifying castle or prison, you can be sure that you’re going to be guided every step of the way by some of the best and most trusted professional ghost hunting teams in the country.

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Haunted Rooms are providers of overnight ghost hunts, haunted sleepovers, European ghost trips, ghost tours, and more. We filter through all of the noise in the paranormal world, by only working with the very best companies and teams who work in this field who you can absolutely trust!

It’s For Everyone!

We welcome all ghost hunters at our locations in the UK, those who have done it many times before and those who are new to ghost hunting and are brave enough to challenge their fears for the very first time.

The ghost tours and paranormal events are perfect for any and all ghost hunters. For those who are hardened veterans or for those who are embarking on their very first ghost hunting experience! What’s required is a person brave enough to challenge their fears and experience something very profound!