Testimonials & Reviews

Linzi Mcloughlin

OMG, what a night!! I’m still recovering from the shock of seeing what I believe to be the lady in grey. I’ve been on a lot of ghost hunts in the past and it’s hit and miss whether you catch a venue on an active night, and boy was it active tonight! This is why I do this. Thanks to all the team for an amazing night, I will be coming back again as soon as I can.

Linzi Mcloughlin
Stacey Best

What a fantastic night!! My first ghost hunt really had a fabulous time, the team are amazing I would recommend a night or weekend doing this! Best experience for me was the table tipping. Thanks guys for a awesome night xx

Stacey Best

What a fantastic night at Gloucester prison..Never been to one before and me and my friends cannot wait to book another.. Just amazing thank you 5* from us

Kelly Hadden

We have just finished the Oxford Castle night on the 27th May and I couldn’t wait to write a testimonial. The night was brilliant!! Going in on the fence, it has certainly opened my opinions further and I’ll definitely be looking to attend another night! The historic tour was a great start to the night followed by the group vigil. The small group vigils were even better with Ouija boards, table tipping and various technology visuals! Myself and my girlfriend really enjoyed the workshop that resulted in starting the night as ‘I’m never doing a Ouija’ to ‘yes! I’ll do a Ouija!’. The guests and staff were all excellent, eager to get the energy up!

Will certainly be recommending and I’m already searching for our next haunt!

Tom Dallison

Myself and my girlfriend attended our first ever ghost hunting event with Haunted Rooms and we absolutely loved it! We got a lot of proof that ghosts are real and that the Barlow Institute in Bolton is definitely haunted. When we did table tipping just me and my partner the table was literally on 2 legs it was unbelievable. And when using the Ouija board a past relative actually came through and spoke to me, it was an amazing night. Booking another ASAP!


Just want to say my mum and brother had a great visit and said you were all welcoming and friendly.

Thank You for making it a special night for them and I will be highly recommending you to friends and family xx

Carrie-Anne Allsop

As my first event, I liked the way we eased into it, history of location, what we might expect and how to use and understand equipment. Pressure was felt as pushing at lower back and also extreme cold and slight headache. The team were very professional and were helpful and answered all questions, good knowledge too.

I think it’s something interesting, my wife is a total skeptic but she enjoyed the experience and will do another, apart from the paranormal side, it’s an insight into the histories of places and people and events.

Chris & Tracey Kennedy

It was my first time booking through Haunted Rooms and I would definitely book with them again, the team on the night were friendly, helpful and very considerate of their guests. I’m excited that I’ve finally found a company to replace the one I used to use prior to them ceasing business, and I had tried several others, I’m looking forward to many nights of happy hunting!

Angela Webber


Thanks for a great night, first chance I have had to compliment you on a spooky night.