Stirling Castle, Sterling, Scotland

Stirling Castle Ghosts

There are a few reported spirits at Stirling Castle. The most active sighting is of the Highland ghost. Staff and visitors have often seen his apparition, often wearing a full traditional costume, kilt and all. Mistaken for a tour guide on many occasions, visitors have been shocked when they approach him, as he turns and walks away, vanishing in front of their eyes.

In 1935, the Highland ghost was captured on camera by an architect carrying out some surveying for upcoming building work. This phantom image also appears on the negative too.

Perhaps the most popular of Stirling’s ghosts is the Green Lady. It’s believed that she was a servant to Mary Queen of Scots. The Queen was asleep in her chamber when her bed curtains were set alight by a candle at her bedside one night. The servant saved her life, losing her own in the process. Since her death, the Green Lady has been seen throughout the castle, possibly still looking to serve the Queen.

Some stories suggest that Mary Queen of Scots herself is still said to haunt the castle. She has been linked to the ghost of the Pink Lady. She’s seen wearing a flowing pink gown, often walking from the castle to the nearby Church of the Holyrood. Other stories suggest that the Pink Lady is a widow looking for her husband, who lost his life during the battle.

Other reports are of phantom footsteps in the Governor’s Block, believed to emanate from one of the empty chambers upstairs.

Stirling Castle History

Stirling Castle in Stirling, Scotland, is one of the most important castles in Scottish history. A strategic fortification from at least the early 12th century, Stirling Castle has suffered at least eight sieges, including several during the Wars of Scottish Independence, with the last attempt coming in 1746 when Bonnie Prince Charlie unsuccessfully tried to overthrow the castle.

Many Kings and Queens were crowned at the castle, including Mary, Queen of Scots, in 1542.


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