Mary King’s Close consists of several underground closes that would have originally been very narrow walkways with dwellings on either side, sometimes rising to 7 storeys. Once a thriving epicentre of trade and Edinburgh life, the close was abandoned in 1645 due to an outbreak of the plague, but some people refused to leave.

Ghosts of Mary King’s Close

A well-respected lawyer, Thomas Coltheart and his family were one of those that refused to leave. It is reported they were almost driven mad by images of disembodied limbs, a bodiless phantom of a child and the ghost of a gruesome-looking dog that would curl up on a chair.

One of the most famous and most haunted places in Scotland, the close has become well known worldwide for its wide variety of ghostly phenomena. Many visitors have reported seeing apparitions of those that once lived and died there.

A well known Japanese medium visited the close when it was re-opened to the public, and she came into contact with a little girl. The medium felt a tug on her coat as she left one of the rooms, as she looked back, she saw a small girl crying in the corner. The little girl said she died during the sickness of 1645, and the distraught child talked of a doll she had lost, and she was lonely without it. Moved, the medium left her a doll, and ever since visitors often leave dolls and gifts in the corner of the room where the girl is seen.

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