Ghosts of Edinburgh Castle

There have been hundreds of claims by visitors and staff members including apparitions, being touched and pulled, the feeling of being watched, shadowy figures, mists, green lights, sudden temperature drops, and people suddenly becoming over-run by emotions.

The most common experience is the sighting of apparitions. These have been seen by many people on several occasions who all share the exact same experiences. The sighting of an old man in a leather apron has been seen, as well as a little headless drummer boy, and a mysterious piper who was lost in the tunnels below.

Other reports are of a poltergeist in the castle dungeon and a regular sighting of ghost dogs in the castle’s dog cemetery, the most notable being ‘Greyfriars Bobby’.

Brief History

There has been a defensive fort on this site since the Iron Age. In 638 AD it served as a defensive stronghold for the Celtic speaking natives when the Germanic forces attacked and laid claim to the settlement. The Germanic’s changed its name from Din Eidyn to Edinburgh for the first time. Then in 1296, it was overthrown by Edward I of the Scots and then again by Robert Bruce who called for it to be burnt to the ground.

It was rebuilt and became how to Mary Queen of Scots until she was exiled to England, after which the castle was then partially destroyed by the English and was then rebuilt again in 1574. James VII of Scotland lost his throne to William of Orange in 1688 and the Jacobite uprisings aside in the 18th Century, it has remained undamaged since.

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