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8 Spookiest Real Ghost Sightings – Latest Ghost Sightings Caught on Camera

Ghost Sightings

Spooky stories about ghosts, ghouls and all things scary are some of the very best things about the world of the paranormal, particularly if we can capture footage of ghosts on camera. Sightings of ghosts aren’t all that unusual, but it can be difficult to capture a ghoul or spirit on camera, so luckily for […]

8 Real Ghost Stories – True Ghost Stories from the UK and Beyond


We’ve actually been telling ghost stories for thousands of years. One of the oldest documented ghost stories was found on pieces of broken pottery, dating back over 12,000B.C. years, and we’re still telling scary stories today – albeit in different and more advanced forms. From the simple text-based story to the found footage videos we […]

Real Haunted Dolls Stories – 4 Scary Doll Stories that’ll Give you the Creeps

Horror Scary Dolls

A fear of dolls is known as pediophobia, which is pretty closely related to a fear of puppets, unsurprisingly. It’s safe to say that most of us aren’t a huge fan of dolls, and with films like Annabelle and The Conjuring becoming more and more popular, even hardened horror fans are having to put up […]

Real Poltergeist Stories – 4 Scary Real Life Poltergeist Cases

Poltergeist Stories

Poltergeists are some of the most disruptive spirits you’ll ever come across. In fact, a poltergeist is the German term for “noisy ghost”, which is quite an apt translation. There are numerous poltergeist stories in folklore and film and they’re well known as being some of the noisiest, most violent ghosts around, and if you’re […]

Three Men and a Baby Ghost – The Real Story Behind the Ghost in 3 Men and a Baby

Three Men And A Baby Ghost

In 1987, the movie Three Men and a Baby came out and it was an absolute smash hit. Mr. Leonard Nimoy himself was the director, hottie of the moment Tom Selleck the lead alongside his lovable co-stars Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg, and quite simply tells the story of three bachelors who help to take […]

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