Learning how to contact the dead isn’t something that comes all that naturally to many people. We’ve all had dreams about talking to the dead or visiting with a deceased loved one and thought, nah, that can’t have been real, I must have just been missing them. Right? Right? But in reality speaking to the dead isn’t necessarily about sitting down, lighting a candle and saying a spell. It’s about having an open mind, thinking about the people or person that you want to communicate with and following some of the tips we’ve outlined below. But if things don’t work out for you, that’s no big deal. If they do, that’s fantastic. The key is that you have to really believe in what you’re doing. Generally, if you think It’s all a load of all bunk, things aren’t gonna work out, so keep that in mind.

1. Dreaming

When we think about how to speak to the dead, one of the key things to think about is where we go and what we do in our dreams. Do you ever speak to deceased loved ones in your dreams, or see them when you go to sleep? Do they ever give you a message? Even if you’ve never experienced anything like that, if you think about your relatives or friends before you go to sleep, have a strong image of them in your head and think about everything you’d like to say to them. Dream visits are an excellent, non-threatening way to visit with your loved ones, to look for support and guidance, and to collect an interesting story or two for those who are still with you.

2. Visions

You might call them hallucinations (and so might your doctor) but mediums and psychics call them visions. Have you ever seen a loved one appear before you whilst you’ve been awake? Ever glimpsed a pet that’s been lost running across your bed late at night? It might be that you’re more open to these things than you think. If you’ve ever experienced anything like this, it’s possible that you’re contacting the dead without even realising it. Next time something like that happens, go with it. Speak to the person or spirit you see even if only in your mind, and try to hold a conversation. See where that conversation takes you.

3. Scents

If you’re really wondering about how to talk to the dead, an excellent place to start is with scents. When you think about your childhood, for example, there are probably a lot of evocative scents that take you back to certain places and times in your childhood. The scent of an opened tub of Playdoh can make you think about when you were in nursery, while the smell of beans and sausages cooking can make you think of teatimes after primary school (for me, anyway). We all have our own unique scent memories that can be incredibly handy in communicating with the dead. If you want to communicate with someone that you have unique scent memories with, such as a perfume, try leaving the perfume around the home. Not only will it help to bring comfort to you, particularly if you’re missing your loved one, but it will also signal to spirits or ghosts that you’re trying to communicate.

4. Coincidences

When you have “coincidences” with the spirit world, or you run into anything or everything that reminds you of the deceased loved one or friend and you think it absolutely just has to be a coincidence, stop and think for a second. For example, if you hear a record that reminds you of your friend, then see someone that looks just like them, order their drink at a bar, etc etc. it might be more than a coincidence. Your friend or loved one might be trying to send you a message. Listen to that message and appreciate it for what it is.

5. Be Aware of Everything Around You

When you’re looking for instruction on how to talk to spirits, the most important thing to remember is to be aware of everything around you. Not every communication from the other side is as solid as a full apparition that looks as true as the person that you remember and a full conversation. Some can be as fleeting as a glimpse of a translucent apparition, or a conversation in your head that feels real. If you reach out for help or guidance in whatever form and feel like you’ve gotten something back, isn’t that all you need?

6. Talk to Them

One of the best things you can do is talk to your loved ones as if they’re still around. If you feel like having a chat, open your mouth and talk. Spirits generally stay around their loved ones, particularly if they feel like they’re suffering or if they’re in trouble, but you also need to keep in mind that they may well have moved on to the next realm so they won’t always be around to hear your cry for help. Talk, ask any questions that you need to ask, say anything that you feel needs to be said, and say anything that you think was left unsaid. You might receive spoken words back, or spoken words in your head. You might receive a message in another way – just keep an eye out for it.

7. Look for Feathers

White feathers have long been considered a sign that our deceased loved ones are near. They’re often left as messages, particularly if you’re feeling strong emotions. I’ve received a lot of white feathers over the years and they often get stuck in places that are directly in my line of vision to ensure that I can see them and that I’ve gotten the message that someone is there to check up on me. Keep an eye out for those white feathers – they could signal something very important.

8. The Unconventional Route

If you’re looking for the more unconventional means of speaking to the dead, there’s always things like ouija boards, séances and using the services of a medium to contact the deceased. These are often a little bit tricky as they can have mixed results, particularly if you’re participating with other people around the room who don’t believe or who are trying to sway the session a certain way, the results that you’re looking for might not quite turn out. Going to see a medium could be the better option, but again, they could do a cold read and tell you things that you want to hear. Ultimately, this comes down to your own personal choice and whether or not you trust the people going into the séance or ouija board with you.


Thinking about how to contact the dead can be a little bit daunting, but the thing to remember is that just because someone is no longer with us in body does not mean that they’re no longer with us in soul or mind. You might still be able to speak with your loved ones and they may still be able to leave you messages – all you need to do is open your mind, your heart and communicate, whether anyone can hear you or not.

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