Crumlin Road Jail is a foreboding building which has a long history. The building officially closed in 1998 but it has been converted to a makeshift film location and cinema. It is owned by a private developer who has no plans of using it in the future. It has been targeted by arsonists and vandals for many years but it still continues to stand today and still attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Crumlin Road Jail Ghosts

Ghost hunters and visitors to the former prison have reported several sightings and have reported hearing strange sounds.  Doors can be heard slamming shut by themselves and male and female voices can be heard clearly calling out for help.  A man walking down the “C wing” and disappearing has been seen by a lot of people.

Several ghost hunting investigations and ghostly tours are conducted regularly but everyone should know that these tours are not for the faint of heart.  The sight of the hangman’s noose alone can send shivers down your spine. Many prisoners, both men and women, have been executed in the Crumlin Road Jail and they are said to remain in their last abode.

The place is filled with sadness and grief. One of the spookiest places is said to be the basement drop cell. It is the place where the dead man is set to dangle until he is surely dead. It will leave even the stout of heart shaken and in fear.

The jail’s long history of housing criminals has given it personality and a fair share of ghostly encounters. If you want to hear the noises and see spectres yourself, book a trip to Belfast now.

History of Crumlin Road Gaol

Crumlin Road Jail in Belfast has been derelict since 1996 and it is the only Victorian-era prison which is still standing in Northern Ireland. It is also known as the Crum or the Crumlin Road Gaol. The Crumlin Road Jail in Belfast has been recognized as grade A listed building because of its significance in history and its architectural design.

It stands directly opposite the Crumlin Road Courthouse and there is a tunnel underneath which connects the two buildings together. The tunnel was used to transport the criminals from the courthouse to the jail and vice versa.  During the prison’s existence from 1846 to 1996, more than 25,000 prisoners were held there.

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