Building on Beaumaris Castle in 1295 and it was the last in a long list of castles to be built by King Edward I in Wales. It was raised on an entirely new site of “fair marsh”, it was named Beau Mareys which is the Norman/French translation.

The castle employed over 2 thousand men to help build it, and it was moving at an astonishing pace. However, in 1298 funds had dried up as the King was beginning to get more involved in Gascony and Scotland. Although there was additional building work carried out over the centuries, Beaumaris is very much the unfinished article and has never been completely finished.

Reports of Ghosts

Strange chanting in the chapel area has been caught on recorders on many occasions. People always report feelings of being watched in the long corridors, and an overbearing sense of loneliness is felt throughout. Reports of distressed screams have also been heard. Could this be the ghosts of past stonemasons? Nobody knows!

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