If you are looking for some spooky hotels in and around Wales, there is no lack of them. From castles to pubs to mansions, Wales is full of haunted places to stay and experience the supernatural. Check out the locations below and all the tragedies and ghosts that frequent them.

1. Plas Nanteos Mansion, Aberystwyth

Haunted Plas Nanteos Mansion Aberystwyth
Plas Nanteos Mansion, Rhydyfelin, Aberystwyth SY23 4LU

The Nanteos Mansion rooms are luxurious and in no way creepy, but do not let that lull you into a false sense of security. The hotel even has an entire page on its website dedicated to its history. The mansion was built in 1739, but rumours of occupancy go back to the 1500s.

Everything on the 30 acres is haunted, from the stables to the woods. In 1782, William Griffiths was murdered by the head gardener with a rake, and he’s now believed to haunt the shrubbery. The Grey Lady, also known as former resident Elizabeth Owen, roams the halls searching for some jewels that she hid before her death. Spirits have even been heard in the entrance hall in the middle of the night and arguing in what used to be the laundry room. The next morning, a stack of towels with a bar of soap was found, but no one knew how it happened.

Other ghosts include Gruffydd Evans playing the harp in the woods and David Rowlands, who drowned in the lake and is seen herding absent animals. If you venture into the stable yard, you may hear voices, unexplained horses and a baby crying. The spirit of a young girl is also known to frequent the kitchen.

Adding to the multitude of ghosts, it is also rumoured that seven monks are buried in the cellar.

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2. Tyn Dwr Hall, Llangollen

Haunted Tyn Dwr Hall Llangollen
Tyn Dwr Hall, Tyn Dwr Rd, Llangollen LL20 8AR

Ironmaster John Dickin built Tyn Dwr Hall in the 1800s. The building has been used as a youth hostel and educational venue in the past but was recently transformed into a luxurious wedding venue.

The ghosts that haunt this hall include a woman in a rustling dress and a gamekeeper. There is also a mysterious green mist that comes and goes along with the sounds of laughing children.

3. The Castle Hotel, Conwy

The Castle Hotel Conwy
The Castle Hotel, High St, Conwy LL32 8DB

This 300-year-old hotel was built on the site of a 12th century Cistercian Abbey. A livid chambermaid was believed to haunt the hotel because the landlord did not carry out her last wish.

She asked to be sent back to Anglesey upon her death, but the landlord did not send her body back. Strange things began to happen at the hotel until her body was exhumed and sent to Anglesey as she wished.

There were also skeletal remains, believed to be plague victims, found that were exhumed as well. Some people experience a ghostly cat climbing over their bed while they are trying to sleep.

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4. Britannia Inn, Llangollen

Britannia Inn Llangollen
Britannia Inn, Horseshoe Pass, Llangollen LL20 8DW

The Britannia Inn was built in the 14th century. It is believed that pieces of the Abbey were used in its construction by the Monks of the Valle Crucis Abbey nearby. Reports of phantom monks have been reported by people who saw what they believed to be monk-like shadows.

5. The Black Boy Inn, Caernarfon

The Black Boy Inn Caernarfon
The Black Boy Inn, Stryd Pedwar a Chwech, Caernarfon LL55 1RW

The Black Boy Inn is one of the oldest inns in North Wales. It goes back to the early 1500s and has served travellers for hundreds of years. It is also believed to be haunted.

Members of the staff have witnessed the spirit of a man who sits in the bar area and watches people go by. Other guests have heard a child crying, who stops if you ask if they are okay.

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6. Trevor Arms, Wrexham

Trevor Arms Wrexham
Trevor Arms, Marford Hill, Marford, Wrexham LL12 8TA

This pub used to be a coaching inn but has been converted to contain guestrooms now. One of the creepiest things is that one of these guestrooms is said to have a whirling mass of air within it.

Trevor Arms is located in the haunted village of Marford, which is the home of Lady Margaret Blackbourne’s ghost. She was reportedly killed by her husband, George Blackbourne, in 1713. It is rumoured that Lady Blackbourne frequents the Trevor Arms along with several others. These include a young girl, a Victorian man with mutton chops, a woman who sits by the fireplace in the bar, and a supporter of King Charles I.

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7. Craig y Nos, Powys

Craig Y Nos Powys
Craig Y Nos Castle, Brecon Rd, Pen-y-cae, Craig-y-nos, Swansea SA9 1GL

The Craig y Nos Castle was built in 1843 by Captain Rice Powell. Later on, in 1898, talented opera star, Adelina Patti, fell in love with it. Patti decided to buy the castle and turned it into her new home. She hosted various parties for the elite, including Henry of Battenburg and the Crown Prince of Sweden, Edward VII.

After Patti died, the castle became a tuberculosis hospital and then a home for the elderly before going back into private ownership in 1986. Many people died here, and what used to be a children’s ward is considered the most haunted room in the castle. People have reported children’s laughter, sightings and the sound of bouncing balls.

Patti is still rumoured to haunt the castle as well. She was embalmed in the cellar of the castle. People have experienced high-pitched noises along with tables and chairs moving. While Patti was alive, she added a private opera house, which now serves as a wedding venue. Many people host conferences and wedding parties here but do not be surprised if you witness a certain uninvited opera diva crash your occasion.

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8. Roch Castle

Roch Castle
Roch Castle, Church Rd, Roch, Haverfordwest SA62 6AQ

This restored castle offers 360-degree views of Pembrokeshire. It was built in the late 12th century and features five-foot thick walls. It was also one of the strongholds that fortified Anglicised Wales from the Welsh to the North. The first known resident was Adam de Rupe, a Norman knight. It was acquired by the Griffiths Roch Foundation in 2008 and opened after an extensive renovation in 2012.

Rumour has it that Adam de Rupe never left. According to legend, a prophecy from a witch came true and resulted in his death. She prophesied that he would die as a result of a snake bite within that same year. If he could go the entire year without getting bitten, she told him that he would enjoy a long and healthy life. He was determined to avoid this fate, so he built Roch Castle as a hideout, intending on staying in the highest room for the next year.

Unfortunately for Rupe, winter intervened. It was difficult for him to stay inside due to the weather, so he sent out one of his servants to bring in wood to build himself a fire. The servant neglected to inspect the wood properly, and Rupe was bit by a snake hiding out in the wood. He died soon after, and he is one of the ghosts believed to haunt the castle and frequent the highest floors most of all. Another spirit, presumed to be Lucy Walter, who lived in the castle, has also been seen floating down the halls in a white dress before disappearing.

The castle now presents a romantic weekend getaway for couples, but you may get more than you bargained for with these spirits prowling around.

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9. Ruthin Castle

Ruthin Castle Hotel
Ruthin Castle, Castle Street, RUTHIN, LL15 2NU

The Ruthin Castle Hotel is located in North Wales and dates back to the 1200s. The entire town is known to be haunted. The castle was built by King Edward the 1st in 1217 as a robust baronial castle. He then gave it to Dafydd, brother of Prince Llewellyn ap Gryyudd, who later turned out to be a traitor. After this, Reginald de Grey was offered the castle as a reward for building an impeccable army. Later on, it was sold to a private hospital firm to treat obscure diseases before being converted into a hotel in the 1960s after being sold at auction.

The hotel is incredibly luxurious and features many different rooms in many price categories. It prides itself on being fit for a king. They go above and beyond to provide small details to make your stay even better, including a 5-course meal. You can also book the banquet hall and be entertained by ladies of the court. There is even one ghostly lady that you may encounter.

Lady Grey is the most famous ghost that you may run into. According to legend, she discovered her husband’s infidelity and then killed both him and his mistress. She was convicted of their murder and then sentenced to death. She has been seen wandering the castle battlements and the banquet hall. There have also been reports of a ghost dressed as a soldier and wearing a single glove who wanders the grounds. Orbs have also been witnessed.

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10. Gwydir Castle, Conwy

Gwydir Castle Conwy
Gwydir Castle, Llanrwst LL26 0PN

The Gwydir Castle was built in the 16th century and has ghost sightings that go back until the 19th century. It has hosted many royal guests during this time, including King Charles I and King George V. The fact that this castle has had paranormal occurrences so consistently for so long makes it considered one of Wales’ most haunted houses. The castle itself is located in the centre of Conwy Valley. It was the home of Katherine Tudor, who was Queen Elizabeth I’s cousin. There are just two available rooms that overlook the gardens. It has been primarily used as a family home and is known for both its peacocks and ghosts.

The most widely reported ghost is a young woman who frequents the corridor between the Great Chamber and the Hall of Meredith and the north wing. The room behind the corridor’s panelling used to be called the “Ghost Room,” where people saw a white or grey woman and were overcome with what smelled like a rotting corpse. There have been reports of the smell, a temperature drop and the feeling of being touched on the shoulder. It is thought that she was the victim of Sir John Wynn (either the first or fifth baronet), who seduced and then murdered her and hid her body in the wall when things became complicated with a surprise pregnancy.

Other ghosts include Sir John on the spiral staircase that leads from the Solar Hall to the Great chamber. People have also heard children crying and have seen a ghost dog whose bones were found in the cellar in 1995.

There are two rooms available to guests inside the castle itself, the King’s Room (£105 per night), and the Duke of Beaufort’s Chamber (£95 per night). Both sleep two guests, in double four-poster beds and come with breakfast.

You can also book a self catering option with ‘The Gatehouse‘, which sleeps two and is set within the grounds of Gwydir Castle.

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11. Baskerville Hall Hotel, Hay-on-Wye

Baskerville Hall Hay On Wye
Baskerville Hall Hotel, Clyro Court, Clyro, Hay on Wye, Hereford HR3 5LE

Baskerville Hall is well-known for its supernatural hounds, due in part to author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who was inspired enough by his visits to the property to write “Hound of the Baskervilles.” There are more than just spooky dogs frequenting this hotel that was built in 1839. It was initially the Baskerville’s family home and now offers first-class accommodations that pay tribute to the 19th-century style and its connection to Sherlock Holmes. There are 30 bedrooms, a restaurant, a swimming pool, sauna and bars for enjoyment during your stay. And, oh yes, the ghosts.

In addition to the hounds, you may spot “The White Lady” on a stroll through the rose garden. There is also another male apparition who has been seen on the main staircase. Both staff and guests have heard footsteps and banging noises in the corridors during the night, so you may have some trouble getting to sleep.

You can stay in the hall from as little as £40 per night, based on two people sharing a twin or double room.

Ghosts of Baskerville Hall

12. Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel, Rhyl

Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel Rhyl
Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel, Bodelwyddan, Denbighshire LL18 5YA

The Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel is another excellent choice for a supernatural encounter. It is located by the Clywidan Mountains and has had many reports of paranormal activity. It was first built in 1460 as a manor house for the Humphreys family.

The Williams-Wynn family then lived there from 1690 – 1920, when Sir John Hay Williams performed years of restoration and extensions. When World War I started, the house became a recuperation hospital, and the grounds to the east of the home were used as a trench warfare camp.

In the 1920s, the Williams family leased the castle to an all-girls boarding school, and in the 1980s, it passed on to the Clwyd Council. The Rank Organisation leased part of the site in 1994 and made it into a luxury hotel.

If you are seeking out some spirits, there have been many reports. During Williams’ restoration, he discovered a skeleton in one of the walls, which could explain why there is so much activity.

There are many reports of dark figures and apparitions. The Blue Lady is one of the most common and is known to frequent the kitchen area to rattle dishes and pans in the middle of the night.

A ghostly man in a soldiers uniform has been seen in one of the galleries, and a lady in Victorian dress in the Sculpture Gallery. Many guests have also reported a feeling of being followed or shadowy figures walking corridors and disappearing through the walls.

Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel is a great place to seek out some spooky activity. Guests have also experienced voices, strange sounds and lights. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings, entertainment and delicious food, but look out for your hair being pulled by deceitful spirits.

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13. Miskin Manor, Pontyclun

Miskin Manor Pontyclun
Miskin Manor Hotel, Talbot Green, Pontyclun CF72 8ND

Miskin Manor was built in the 10th century and is now owned by Ben Rosenberg. It is frequented by a ghostly lady who only appears in the bar area between midnight and 1 a.m. The owner believes she lived in the house and follows a path between the bar and drawing room where there used to be a staircase.

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14. The Thomas Arms, Llanelli

The Thomas Arms Llanelli
The Thomas Arms, Thomas St, Llanelli SA15 3JF

The Thomas Arms Hotel is not a castle, but instead, a pub. There is a lot of paranormal activity present here, including footsteps and strange noises in the middle of the night. There is also a spooky 19th-century cellar.

The creepiest thing has to be a video that the landlord shared in 2014, which features a transparent apparition materializing in a room and then heading up the wall. This landlord claims to have seen a fishbowl slide across the bar and crash to the floor independently.

If you are into the supernatural, make sure to visit Wales. With so many opportunities, you may encounter disgruntled or friendly spirits who are only all too happy to make their presence known.

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