Broken beds lie in decaying rooms, rusted wheelchairs and trolleys are parked in the exact position they were last used decades ago, and the names of some long-dead staff are displayed on the empty lockers like epitaphs.

In the morgue, the fridge doors lay open revealing the uninviting body drawers inside. This truly is a terrifying location, a ghost hunters dream! Newsham Park is so haunted, that there’s an 18-month waiting listing for companies looking to book their ghost tours!

Brief History

Now abandoned, this building once served as an orphanage for the children of unfortunate seamen who lost their lives. It later served as a hospital for mentally ill patients, the terminally ill, and the ageing.

Ghosts Hunts at Newsham Park Hospital

This building is truly haunted, and the oppressive atmosphere hits you as soon as you walk through doors!

The reports date back to when the building was used as a hospital as a female nurse kept complaining about seeing apparitions. Strangely, she was found dead at the top of the staircase on the main corridor. Patients were constantly mentioning ‘the children’, and psychiatric patients were always talking to people who weren’t there. Yes, this could very well be a factor of their illness, or it could have been that these patients were able to see and hear things that the sane people could not?

On one of the upper floors leading to the attic, there is a row of cupboards, referred to as the naughty cupboards. Misbehaving orphans were placed in here for hours as a form of punishment. It is believed this area is haunted by the ghost of a little boy who died whilst locked in one of the cupboards. His ghost has made itself known by opening and shutting the cupboard doors.

Visitors have reported tools going missing only for them to show up in other parts of the building. Disembodied voices and dark shadowy apparitions have been seen darting around rooms.

Could it be that the spirits of the 16,000 orphans who were cremated onsite with their ashes being thrown into a pit in the mortuary? Could it be the psychiatric patients still walking round the building confused and lonely? That’s for you to find out!

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