Plas teg, Pontblyddyn, Flintshire

Plas Teg Ghosts

Plas Teg House is reportedly one of the most haunted buildings in Wales. There is said to be no fewer than 15 ghosts lurking in its rooms and hallways. As well as serving as a residence for over 400 years, it’s also believed to have been used as a local court, where people were often tried and hung. It was also said to have been used as a sanatorium, although no records have been found to support this. With such a varied history stretching back so far, the fact that there are many ghost stories at Plas Teg is of little surprise.

Plas Teg Ghost Stories

The ghost of Sir John Trevor I’s daughter, Dorothy, haunts the A541 that runs past Plas Teg. The story goes, she fell in love with a local farmer’s son named Iorwerth. Her father knew of her feelings for Iorwerth and disapproved, forbidding her from seeing him. Determined to follow her heart, she planned to elope with him, taking her jewels with her that she had previously buried near the well in anticipation for when the night came to run away. When the night came, Dorothy ran out to the well to retrieve her jewellery box, but she slipped and fell down the well to her death due to the darkness.  It is believed that it is her ghost that people have seen for years on the A541. Could she be running to meet her love Iorwerth? Is she the woman in white?

Her body was discovered two months later. However, her jewels were missing. Iorwerth was so distraught at her death and feared being accused of her murder, he hanged himself. His ghost is also believed to haunt the grounds, looking for his beloved Dorothy.

On one occasion during the late 1800’s early 1900’s, a gardener is reported to have felt hands grabbing his shoulder trying to pull him down the well. He struggled free and looked down at the dark water beneath and saw nothing.

Throughout the house, the sound of loud wailing is often heard. Could this be the ghost of John Trevor V, who died sometime in the mid 18th Century? He discovered his wife’s affair, and her death came shortly after, believed to be by the hands of John. Drunk and guilt-ridden, he drove his carriage at high speed through the grounds of Plas Teg, hitting a tree and severely injuring himself. Due to his injuries, he died a slow and agonising death.

A young 16 year old named Elizabeth Trevor-Roper also died aged 16 at Plas Teg in 1815. Reportedly, two men had fallen for her, but she only loved one of them. In a fit of jealous rage, the one she refused killed the man she loved, then chased Elizabeth back to the house. Terrified he might kill her next, there was a struggle, and Elizabeth either slipped or was pushed down the well and ultimately drowned. Is it their ghosts that are reportedly seen running through the corridor? A woman in white clutching jewels pursued by a man with a bloody wound to his shoulder…

Other Paranormal Reports

People have reported being touched/prodded and even pushed by an unseen entity throughout the house. Another common occurrence in the mansion is the sudden emotional changes. People are often overcome with anger, sadness, despair, and happiness.

The sounds of giggling, sobbing, knocking, whispering, talking, and footsteps are also regular occurrences throughout.

Brief History of Plas Teg

Plas Teg is a Jacobean country house located in Flintshire, between the towns of Mold and Wrexham. One of the most haunted houses in Wales, this mansion was built in 1610 by Welsh politician Sir John Trevor I (1563 – 1630) for his family and him to live in.

It served as a home for the Trevor family until the death of Sir Trevor’s wife, Lady Margaret Trevor, and the outbreak of the English Civil War, which saw the family move to one of their many other properties. The property was tenanted out during this time.

The Trevor’s resided here again until 1930, when it was sold to the War Office and used as housing for soldiers during the Second World War. During this time, plas teg hall slipped into a period of decay until the 1950s, when it was put forward for demolition. It would have gone ahead if it weren’t for a public outcry. Instead, a descendant of the Trevor family, Patrick Trevor-Roper, came forward and took over the property. With some help from the Historic Buildings Council, he partially restored the building. He leased out the house until 1977 when Mr and Mrs William Llewelyn purchased it.

Mr and Mrs Llewelyn only used the house’s ground floor, resulting in the rest of the house becoming little more than a ruin. However, fortunes soon picked up for plas teg when Cornelia Bay bought the house for £75,000 in 1986. With help from the CADW (Historic Environment division of the Welsh Government) in the form of £199,000 and another £211,000 from Cornelia’s own pocket, plas teg underwent a £400,000 renovation project. Just ten months after buying the house in 1986, Cornelia opened Plas Teg Mansion to the public, and it still is to this day.

Plas Teg featured in Channel 4’s Country House Rescue in 2011…


Visiting Plas Teg Mansion

On the date of writing this (Dec 6, 2021), the Plas Teg Mansion is closed to the public until further notice.

Please consider donating to the Plas Teg GoFundMe page to help preserve this wonderous building for future generations.

Address: Mold Road,Pontblyddyn, Flintshire, Mold CH7 4HP

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