This eerie dark jail is Ireland’s largest unoccupied prison. If you take a walk round the prison cells and echoing corridors you can get a vivid idea of what the people imprisoned here endured during 1796, when it was first opened, and 1924 when the jail closed.

Many of the criminals who were confined here died, and perhaps the most eventful was the execution of those who were responsible for the uprising in Ireland in 1916. Pearce, Connolly, and their co-conspirators were executed here, and a plaque in the courtyard is remembered those that bravely faced the firing squads.

Today the gaol is a museum, but many of its previous inmates and wardens still remain.

Reports of Ghosts

  • Lights often turn themselves on and off in the prison’s chapel
  • Unseen forces pushing people over
  • Phantom footsteps
  • Children pause in sheer fright refusing to step inside the jail
  • Psychics have picked up on an evil presence around the chapel balcony
  • The feeling of being watched
  • Unexplained bangs, and voices

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