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Haunted Ireland

The first evidence of human settlers in Ireland dates back to around 10,500 BC with the emergence of Gaelic Ireland in approximately the 5th century. Ireland’s has a tumultuous history of tribal affiliations, Viking raids, Norman landings and the resurgence of the Gaelic tradition following Fineen MacCarthy’s victory over the Norman army of the Battle of Callann.

The ‘Emerald Isle’, is a heady mix of dramatic, breath-taking landscapes, ancient mythology, strong tradition and good song which creates the perfect backdrop to those seeking a brush with the paranormal.

Vampires, giants, figures on horseback, poltergeists, ghost dogs and bloody curdling cries on battlefields are just some of the possible encounters waiting for you.

Once you’ve located your ideal haunted hotel, Republic of Ireland offers a wealth of fantastic places of interest to make your stay one that you’ll never forget.

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