The Lancaster Grand Theatre in Lancashire is one of Britain’s oldest continuously operating theatres, having been open since 1782. Opening during the reign of George III, the theatre entertained the gentry of Lancaster and surrounding areas for over 100 years.

Believed to be haunted by a number of spirits of performers long since passed, the most prominent ghost is that of Sarah Siddons, who was known for playing the role of Lady Macbeth at the theatre in 1795.

Event Time: 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Event Price: £39.00 per person

Event Location: Lancaster Grand Theatre, St Leonard’s Gate, Lancaster LA1 1NL

Your Ghost Hunt at Lancaster Grand Theatre

Ghost hunts at the Lancaster Grand Theatre is paranormal investigation at its finest. Whether you’re an experienced paranormal investigator or a beginner, Lancaster Grand Theatre is an absolute must!

The hauntings of the Grand Theatre in Lancaster have been a source of intrigue to people for generations, with a number of past performers believed to reside here.

This unassuming Georgian theatre admittedly doesn’t look grand from the outside, however, once you step through the doors into the auditorium, you can’t help but feel the anticipation of all that has gone before.

One of the most common sightings is of the Grey Lady, believed to be Sarah Siddons (the Sister-in-Law of Charles Edward Whitlock, who built the theatre in 1781 together with his associate, Joseph Austin).

Sarah was a Welsh actress and was the most well-respected tragedienne of the 18th century. She was most famous for her portrayal of the Shakespearean character, Lady Macbeth, a role that she made her own, and a role she performed at the Grand Theatre, Lancaster, in 1795.

Sarah has been witnessed on many occasions, sitting in the stalls passing in front of the auditorium, or walking across the stage. Actors, staff and visitors have all made reports of being watched from the stalls, but nobody is ever found.

As well as Sarah, a former male actor known as Harald is believed to haunt the theatre. His spirit has been picked up by investigators on numerous occasions.

The backstage area and dressing rooms have a reputation for making people feel very uncomfortable, with several people forced to leave the area, and some refusing to even go back there at all. Disembodied footsteps are often heard in this area, as well as the stage.

It’ll take a brave soul to carry out a lone vigil in one of the dressing rooms, where past investigations have resulted in people being touched in response to their questions.

Do you have what it takes to join us on a real ghost hunt experience at one of the most haunted theatres in the country?

Haunted Rooms events are real paranormal investigations, we leave out the fluff, we do not have actors, and we don’t fake activity.

Our team can’t wait to welcome you to this incredible building and to share a night of ghost hunting that you’ll remember forever.

Spots will fill up quickly for this one, so hurry and book now!

Deposits are available for just £20.

The Grade II listed, Lancaster Grand Theatre is a relatively new location to Haunted Rooms, though it’s not a new location for paranormal investigators. Since the 1800’s there have been reports of paranormal occurrings here.

Built in 1781, by Charles Edward Whitlock (a dentist), and Joseph Austin (an actor), it was known simply as “The Theatre, Lancaster”, upon its opening in June 1782.

It was one of the first permanent theatres in Britain, and although there have been numerous alterations to the building in its 200+ years existence, the majority of the original stone has survived.

Upon its opening, it played host to plays such as Hamlet and The Belle’s Stratagem, and later, Macbeth, receiving plaudits from the gentry from Lancaster and Lancashire.

By the 1830s the building was less used for professional performances and more for formal lectures, and meetings for the Temperance society.

In 1843 the theatre was sold to Edmund Sharpe, an architect from Cheshire. He made alterations and added an extension and reopened the building in 1849 as a music hall, as well as a museum for the local Literary and Natural History Society.

In 1884 the building was sold again, this time to Henry Wilkinson, who set about reopening the building as the Athenaeum Theatre. In 1897 the theatre was altered again, this time adding a new stage, designed by architect Frank Matcham.

In 1908, a fire badly damaged the theatre and the work Matcham had done. Extensive work was required to restore the interior. Nevertheless, this was all replaced within a year, designed by architect Albert Winstanley, reopening at The Grand Theatre.

The theatre has a 457 seat capacity and is currently owned by the Lancaster Footlights. They started performing at the theatre in the 1920s and purchased the building in 1951 to save it from demolition.

It now plays host to both professional and amateur shows, and plans are in place for several building upgrades, ensuring it’s a part of Lancaster’s entertainment scene for many more years to come.

  • Group Vigils including table tipping, Séance, and more,
  • Lone Vigils,
  • Use of Paranormal Equipment,
  • Psychic Medium, (*availability permitting – we do endeavour to have a psychic medium at every event, however sometimes circumstances can prevail),
  • Hot and cold drinks facilities,
  • Snacks and refreshments provided.

Event Location: Lancaster Grand Theatre, St Leonard’s Gate, Lancaster LA1 1NL

Time: 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM (Arrive from earliest 7:30 PM)

Parking: There are several car parks within a short walking distance from the theatre. They are not free, though fees are substantially reduced in the evenings to approx £1.50 if parked after 6 pm. You can use either Upper St Leonard’s Gate Car Park, Edward Street Coach Park, Lodge Street Car Park, or Lower St Leonard’s Gate Car Park.

Accessibility: The location is somewhat suitable for those with mobility issues. It’s unfortunately not wheelchair friendly.

Please Note: All guests must be 18 years or older. Not suitable for those who are heavily pregnant. Guests are strongly advised to wear comfortable shoes and warm layered clothing on colder nights.

You’re welcome to bring your own equipment, though we will be providing paranormal equipment to use.

The investigation will be in darkness so please bring a torch with you.

Although snacks and drinks are provided, you’re welcome to bring your own. There are also facilities to make both hot and cold drinks, which are provided also.

And of course, bring your phone/camera with you, the more pictures we have the better chance we have of capturing something!

Other than that, just yourself and an open mind!

On your ghost hunt with Haunted Rooms, you will have full exclusive access to this location. Together with our friendly team of investigators, you will join others on structured vigils, where you’ll have the chance to use some paranormal equipment and join in on group vigils such as Ouija board sessions, and seance.

Our event starts at 8.00 pm but you can arrive at the earliest 7.30 pm. Structured investigations will end around 12 am, at which point you will have the opportunity to investigate this location on your own using the techniques and information you have been provided with.

The event is not a sleepover, so it’s recommended you book accommodation nearby if you’re travelling from further away. There are a number of good options for you to choose from being in the city centre.

You will have the chance to look around the theatre before the event to familiarise yourself with its layout. Shortly before the event kicks off, we’ll run you through a quick induction and safety briefing, followed by a short talk and introduction from our team. You’ll then split into smaller groups with your family and/or friends if you’ve come together, and we’ll begin our vigils for the night!

If you have your own paranormal equipment we encourage you to bring it, if not we can provide them free of charge. Snacks, refreshments, and treats will be provided at intervals throughout the night, and we’ll have facilities to make hot and cold drinks too.

We do endeavour to have mediums and sensitives with us for every event, although circumstances out of our control can sometimes prevent this. Anybody that has sensitive abilities we encourage you to come forward, as it only increases the energy and enjoyment for all in attendance.

To get the most from the evening we encourage you to try your hand at as many things as you can, and if you’re feeling particularly brave you should give a lone vigil a try, as well as joining in with our table tipping experiments as we try to commune with the spirits and ghosts of the building.

Please dress weather appropriately, with extra layers of clothing if it’s cold, plus comfortable shoes and a torch if you need one.

Located in Lancaster city centre, the Grand Theatre has a good choice of hotels to choose from to suit all budgets.

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