Blackpool Pleasure Beach was founded in 1896 by a man named Alderman William George Bean. He returned to the United Kingdom after failing to make it big in New York’s Madison Avenue as an advertising mogul. He opened two amusement parks upon his return. In 1904, Sir Hiram Maxim’s Flying Machines was opened and in 1905 it was officially called “The Pleasure Beach”. Today Blackpool Pleasure Beach is visited by millions of people every year.

Ghosts at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

One of the most notable ghosts on this popular tourist attraction is that of a phantom which has been reported to haunt the Ghost Train. The ghost has been named Cloggy because it is said to be the spirit of a train operator who used to wear clogs. Visitors, as well as employees of Blackpool Pleasure Beach,  have reported hearing “Cloggy” walking around the Ghost Train. They have heard the sounds of his clogs and strange footsteps. Cloggy is well known in Blackpool. Almost everyone has heard of him.

Aside from Cloggy, the employees of Blackpool Pleasure Beach who work at night have reported feeling a presence and they have also reported sightings of a male figure in the cellar. According to people who have seen the ghost, he has a close resemblance to Karl Marx, the famous German philosopher from the 19th Century. Shadows have been seen in the same area and more than 5 years ago, an apparition was seen walking through the bar at 5 am. Pictures on the wall move, the voice of a woman singing can also be heard and lights are switched on and off.

There is also the spirit of a young girl whose apparition has been reportedly seen in Sir Hiram Maxim’s Gift Shop. The girl is believed to be only 9 years old.  There are numerous reports of objects moving around in the shop, this young girl is believed to be the culprit.

The Ice Rink is also a well-known spooky spot in Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Many people have reported hearing someone skating on the rink when there was no one there. Equipment and lights also move of their own accord and doors which are wide open have slammed shut on their own too, despite no wind or breezes being present. Also, staff working at night have reported feeling an awful presence hovering over them as they work.

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