Guys Cliffe House, Warwickshire

Dating back to 1751, Guys Cliffe House is a Gothic mansion built in the hamlet of Guy’s Cliffe in Warwick. The house itself is shrouded in mystery and hauntings.

Ghosts of Guys Cliffe House

If you’re in the chapel area, you might come across some poltergeist activity! Heavy footsteps and dragging noises have also been heard above. There have also been many first-hand accounts of poltergeist activity in the pre-chamber to Guy’s Cave, which is particularly harrowing.

You may also see light anomalies, which are another common occurrence in this area and the feeling of extreme nausea and oppression.

In the chambers which lie underground, there are numerous reports of paranormal occurrences. On many occasions, a trigger object has been placed here and then moved by unseen hands.

Many people report a feeling of sudden terror, forcing them to exit the area quickly. Lights have also been seen in the basement parlour, and the atmosphere has been known to be depressing and intense.


Guys Cliffe History

Guys Cliffe (the land in which the house stands) has been inhabited since Saxon times. Its name comes from the infamous Guy of Warwick – who was a servant to the Earl of Warwick.

When he retired, Guy moved to this site in a hermitage (a place of religious seclusion). It was this story that led to the founding of a Chantry here in 1423.

After Henry VIII went ahead with the dissolution of monasteries in 1536, the land passed over to private hands. The mansion itself dates back to 1751, having been built by Samuel Greatheed, a wealthy West India merchant and a member of the Coventry Parliament during the late 1740s to early 1760s.

The Chapel of St Mary in the site has been used by the Freemasons since 1955 and is still used by the Masons today.

For over two hundred and fifty years, the house has had a variety of uses. During World War I, it was used as a hospital, and in World War II, it was the school’s location for children that had been evacuated.

The estate was sold in parts in 1947, and in 1952 a pub and restaurant were established in the mill, being named the Saxon Mill.

A nursery was opened in the kitchen garden, and the stables were used as a riding school. All of which are still being used as they were way back then. A toll house stood the road that runs north of the mill, but this was taken down in the mid 20th century.

guys cliffe house before fire
Guys Cliffe House before the fire in 1992

There were plans to convert the mansion into a hotel, but nothing ever materialised, and the house was left to ruin. Aldwyn Porter purchased the house in 1955, and it was then that the chapel began its long-standing relationship with the Freemasons.

During the filming of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, a fire broke out during a scene that got seriously out of hand, causing extensive damage to the building. English Heritage now lists this as a grade II listed.

Visiting Guys Cliffe House

Guys Cliffe House is a location rarely open to the public and is privately owned. Open Days such as the Heritage Open Days offer access though there is no set schedule for these.

You can pay to attend a private event, or ghost hunt here, with tours hopefully coming soon as part of the restoration project.

Guys Cliffe Centre, Coventry Rd, Warwick CV34 5YD

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