Warwick Castle Ghosts

Sir Faulke who once lived here was stabbed by one of his much-trusted servants. Horrified at his own actions the servant sliced his own throat and left Sir Faulke Greville to die a very slow and painful death completely alone in the South Tower. His moans for help have reportedly heard, and a portrait of him is said to show an image of him dying.

One of the more famous ghosts was that of the large black dog with red eyes and foaming mouth. He was believed to be the essence of a curse which was placed on the castle by a servant called Moll Bloxham. She was caught stealing from the Earl and was put under brutal torture and shame in front of the public. Shortly after this the dog appeared and started to cause havoc around the castle grounds. The curse was finally broken as the dog was lured from the very highest tower to the river below.

Brief History

The castle has been standing here since 1068 when William the Conqueror first had the castle built. Over many years, the castle has transformed. Thomas de Beauchamp was the owner during the late 14th Century and completed an extensive building project that involved improving the castle’s defences. A large gatehouse, a barbican, and the two massive towers that are a popular feature of this castle today.

As the need for defence declined over the years the main living quarters were converted into a palatial residence. The Earls of Warwick were the owners of the castle up until 1978 when the Tussaud’s Group purchased it. The Tussaud’s Group paid for extensive renovation and now use it as a home for their waxworks that depict life in the castle during several periods of history.

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