Clifton Hall, Nottingham

History of Clifton Hall

Clifton Hall is a Grade I listed mansion in Nottingham. It was originally home to the Clifton family from the 13th Century until 1958. However, there is a reference of a residence on this land as early as the 11th Century, as noted in the Domesday Book, from 1086.

It is thought to have been built due to its easily defensible position, as it’s perched on top of a cliff overlooking the River Trent.

The home was modified numerous times throughout the years, but the most significant renovation came in the 18th Century when it was remodelled in the Georgian style you see today. Sir Gervase Clifton employed the famous northern architect John Carr of York to carry out the work.

After the Clifton family sold the property in 1958, the Hall became the Clifton Hall Girls’ Grammar School until 1976.

The Hall was divided into two luxury apartments between 2001-2003, the five-bedroom North Wing and the nine-bedroom South Wing.

King Charles I occupied the bedroom at the top of the circular staircase in 1632 for a time.

Ghosts at Clifton Hall

Reports of Clifton Hall being haunted stretch back to the time when it was a school. Staff and pupils would experience many strange things, ranging from dark apparitions the height of children, unexplained banging and tapping on walls and doors, and disembodied voices as though a conversation is taking place.

There have also been unexplained bloodstains appearing on bedclothes and floors.

In 2007, Anwar Rashid purchased the South Wing of Clifton Hall and immediately moved in with his young family.

From the moment the family moved in, they started to experience intense paranormal activity. They claim to have heard a heavy thudding on the walls the first night, followed by a disembodied voice saying, “Is anyone there?”.

On another occasion, Nabila, Anwar’s wife, was on her way back upstairs at 5am after getting milk for their infant child when she saw one of her daughters sitting up watching TV. However, when she checked her daughter’s room, she saw her in bed, fast asleep.

The activity got so frightening, friends and family members refused to visit, and at that point, they sought the help of a local paranormal team, Ashfield Paranormal. Their investigations were unable to stop the hauntings, and one of the investigators claimed that Clifton Hall was the only place that had ever terrified them.

When the family saw bloodstains on the baby’s quilt, that’s when they made the decision they had to move out, leaving that very night.

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Know before you go

You can’t visit the building today as it’s private property. The North Wing was sold in 2016 for £1,250,000, and the South Wing is currently on the market (November 2021) with Savills for £2,700,000.

Address: Clifton, Nottingham NG11 8NH

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