Ghosts at The Four Crosses

There are several reports of paranormal experiences at The Four Crosses. Many of which have been reported by both staff and visitors alike regularly. Glasses smashing, unexplained footsteps and the apparition of a young girl are the most common of all the reports. The most active area of the pub is the Ladies’ toilets.

The sounds of children crying and shadowy figures are often seen both day and night. A strange occurrence happened here in 2005 when the manager at the current time was opening up first thing in the morning. She was checking the pub when she entered the Ladies toilet to find two flowers crossed over each on top of one of the toilet seats.

However, when she passed the toilets again shortly after, she was perplexed to find a heavy candlestick had moved from the fireplace and was now blocking the door to the toilet! Assuming it was someone from the night before she left to carry on opening up.

Other reports include the apparition of a Roundhead soldier in the men’s toilets, a man in a long dark cloak standing in the car park on rainy evenings, looking longingly back at the building.

A staff member came face to face with an apparition of a teenage girl with unkempt hair and ragged clothes in the corridor by the kitchen. They looked at each other for a few seconds, and the apparition turned away and walked through a wall! The staff member was so shaken up after this she quit her job soon after.

Four Crosses History

The Four Crosses in Cannock Chase was originally built in 1636 from old shipping timbers that are almost 1000 years old. Several secret passages have been discovered throughout the years, with more believed to exist. Perhaps the most astonishing find has been the Old Coachman’s uniform, preserved for over 150 years behind the chimney.

The building is undoubtedly steeped in intrigue and has many stories of tragedy. The most recent death at this 17th Century Inn occurred in the 1980s when a young boy ran out into the road outside the pub and was killed instantly. Another tragic story is about a young baby who died after falling from a table in the upper bar sometime in the 1800s. There are also reports of many suicides in the building over the years.

With all of this tragedy, it’s little wonder this location is so haunted. Reports have been so frequent that it was recently featured on ‘Great British Ghosts’, a show on the Yesterday channel, hosted by Michaela Strachan.

Ghost Hunts in West Midlands

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