Cannock Chase, or the Chase as it’s known to locals, is a 26-square-mile forest and a designated area of outstanding natural beauty in the heart of Staffordshire.

For hundreds of years, the area has been experiencing some crazy paranormal activity and supernatural phenomena. From child spirits and the pigman to ufo’s and werewolves, its mystical pedigree is known worldwide.

In this article, we’ll discuss the infamous Black-Eyed Child and all the other mysteries surrounding Cannock Chase, plaguing locals for centuries.

Black Eyed Child

The black eyed child of cannock chase
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Where better to start than with the most infamous ghost story associated with Cannock Chase, the Black-Eyed Child?

The legend of the Black-Eyed Child began in the late 1970s when a young couple claimed to have encountered a strange girl with entirely black eyes while walking through the woods.

According to lore, the Black-Eyed Child appears suddenly and asks for help, usually in a child-like voice. However, those who have encountered her have reported feeling a sense of overwhelming fear and unease, often before they even see her face.

Those who’ve seen her say she was dressed in old-fashioned clothing and has completely black eyes, with no visible white or iris.

People who have claimed to encounter her have reported feeling as though they are being hypnotized or controlled by her. After encountering her, some have even reported experiencing physical symptoms, such as nausea or headaches.

Some eyewitnesses are sure the girl isn’t of this world, as the way she moves is unlike any human, as she seemingly transports from tree to tree.

Castle Ring: A Portal to Another World?

Castle Ring Cannock Chase
Castle Ring Cannock Chase

Castle Ring is a Celtic hill fort dating back to 500 BC. Some of its defences are still visible today and look an eerie site surrounded by dense woodland.

Castle Ring has a sinister past, as the Celtic tribe known as the Cornovii that used to call it home are believed to have performed satanic rituals and blood sacrifices on the hill.

The hill is also believed to be a supernatural portal. All around this area, there have been sightings of werewolves, a pig man, demonic black dogs, UFOs, Slenderman, and even Bigfoot.

The Most Famous Cannock Chase Ghost Sightings

As well as the terrifying sighting of otherwordly creatures, the forest has experienced a lot of ghostly sightings too.

First Marquess of Anglesey

One famous ghost is Henry William Paget, First Marquess of Anglesey. The Paget family home was Beaudesert, which stood on the south-eastern edge of Cannock Chase and he would use the land as his personal hunting ground.

His ghost has been seen riding horseback through the woods, often accompanied by a pack of ghostly hounds.

Soldier Ghosts

Cannock Chase Cemetery
The cemetery contains nearly 5,000 burials from both the First and Second World Wars.

The ghosts of World War I and World War II soldiers have also been seen wandering around the Cannock Chase War Cemetary.

During the war, there was a large military camp at Cannock Chase which the New Zealand Rifle Brigade used. There was also a prisoner-of-war hospital that had a capacity for up to 1000 patients. In total there are over 5000 burials here, the majority of which are German and Austrian.

Other Ghosts

In addition to these ghosts, there have been numerous reports of other supernatural entities in Cannock Chase. One such ghost is that of an old man with a cane and a wide-brimmed hat. He has been seen wandering through the woods and is thought to be a former gamekeeper.

The ghost of a bedraggled woman has also been reported, often seen wandering through the woods in a dazed and confused state. Another ghostly apparition is that of a parachutist, who appears to be stuck in mid-air, perpetually falling from the sky.

A phantom cyclist has also been reported, who is said to ride his bicycle along the paths of the woods, disappearing suddenly before the eyes of astonished onlookers. Finally, the ghost of a young monk has been spotted wandering through the woods, appearing lost and confused.