Ghosts of the London Tombs

Regarded by many as an extremely haunted location, the London Tombs certainly has its fair share of paranormal goings-on. Once the day has ended and the staff have left, the real ghosts walk the empty corridors and rooms.

Staff have refused to work alone for fear of coming face to face with one of the spirits, as has happened previously. A dark shadowy figure has been seen by staff on several occasions and has also been known to interact with them.

Groups on paranormal investigations have witnessed a lady they believed to be an actor staying behind after her shift. However, upon investigation, no woman was working that day. The lady is known as Emily to the staff and has been witnessed several times.

Paranormal investigators have also witnessed poltergeist activity, with objects being moved from unseen hands. Loud bangs and dragging noises are often heard. Several people have also reported ghostly apparitions moving around between the groups.

In addition to the disturbing atmosphere at this location, the reports make it one not for the faint of heart.

Brief History of London Bridge Experience

London Tombs, part of the London Bridge Experience, is a daytime scare attraction that has regularly been voted ‘the UK’s best year-round scare attraction’. A plague pit was discovered in 2007 when construction first began on the London Bridge experience attraction. Builders working on the excavation uncovered a mass grave that contained an extensive collection of skeletons, unnerving the builders so much they refused to work down there alone.

London Bridge itself was also a scene of gruesome happenings. In Tudor times, they used to impale the heads of traitors and criminals on spikes along the bridge. Some of the skulls found on the site had holes through them as if they were impaled.

London during these times was undoubtedly a brutal and cruel place to live, and this has left an imprint on the area, perhaps leading to the abundance of activity experienced?

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Visiting London Bridge Experience & London Tombs

The London Bridge Experience & London Tombs are open year-round. Tickets are strictly non-refundable and are priced at £25.00 for 16+, £19.00 for children (5-15), £17.00 for concessions (senior, student, military, NHS).

Visit their website for more info.

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