Norfolk is an area that has more than its fair share of ghosts and legends, and you never have to wander too far to stumble upon a reputedly haunted building! Many of the paranormal activity links into the area’s history – in particular, Kett’s Rebellion in 1549.

Other spirits that have been spotted are linked to well-known figures from the area – there is even a ghostly animal that serves as a harbinger of doom! Whatever it is that you seek, it seems that you are sure to find it in one of the most haunted places in Norfolk!

1. Thetford Warren Lodge, Thetford

Thetford Warren LodgeThetford Warren Lodge was built sometime in the 1400s and can be found just a few miles west of Thetford.

At one time, there was a medieval leper colony close to the lodge, and witnesses believe that the regularly sighted apparition of a faceless man in cream and blue clothing is either a leper victim or perhaps a former warrener who is protecting his lodge for all eternity.

There are also reports of a ghostly rabbit with flaming red eyes in the area, but this paranormal activity is one that ghost hunters should hope that they never get to document. He is supposed to be an omen of your death if you lay eyes on him!

2. Adam & Eve Pub, Norwich

Adam & Eve PubThe Adam and Eve Pub is located in Norwich, and it is said to be the town’s oldest public house, with records dating it to 1249.

The hauntings are linked to Lord Sheffield, who was killed close to the pub by rebel forces during Kett’s Rebellion back in 1549.

It is said that his spirit still roams the pub, and he rings a bell in the bar when the room is empty. There have also been reports of hot and cold spots around the building and phantom footsteps. Some staff also claim to have been touched by unseen hands.

However, perhaps the most terrifying paranormal encounter at the Adam & Eve Pub was the one reported in 2006 when a terrified customer some a gruesome apparition of a spectral hand holding a severed head!

3. Norwich Castle, Norwich

Norwich CastleNorwich Castle is a scheduled ancient monument and a Grade I listed building built by William the Conqueror following the Norman invasion. It has now become a local heritage site and a museum.

Like so many other castles, Norwich Castle is haunted by several Norfolk ghosts, and the hauntings date back as far as 1820!

In 1820, prisoners inside Norwich Castle were terrified when they witnessed a ghostly apparition of a Victorian woman all in black. Even today, staff members have reported a similar apparition, and on one occasion, they were terrified when she was seen floating in the air!

However, the black lady is by no means the most terrifying spectre to call Norwich Castle home!

There is also a rather gruesome apparition of the rotting corpse of rebel leader Robert Kett which is frequently spotted hanging in a cage at the top of the Castle. Unsuspecting people passing by the Castle have seen the apparition and been shocked and terrified by the sight!

4. Cromer Pier, Cromer

Cromer PierCromer Pier is another one of the most haunted places in Norfolk. The grade II listed pier is home to two haunted buildings: Cromer Lifeboat Station and The Pavilion Theatre.

Of the two buildings, the theatre is probably the better known of the two properties.

The most commonly reported apparition is of an ashen-faced man with black hair and a tall hat who is thought to be the Irish impresario Dick Condon referred to in his obituary as ‘the best known’ assuredly best-loved figures in Norfolk’.  The theatre is also said to have poltergeist activity in the bar area.

Over at the Lifeboat Station, there is also a great deal of paranormal activity in the area. It is thought that these spirits are those of deceased lifeboatmen, sailors lost at sea and perhaps even the lost residents of the medieval town of Shipden, which lies under the sea, just off the coast of Cromer.

5. The Muckleburgh Collection, Weybourne

The Muckleburgh CollectionWhenever people mention haunted Norfolk, one of the first places that most people think about is The Muckleburgh Collection, mainly because it was featured on a well-known paranormal television show.

It is the UK’s largest privately owned military museum and is located on the former site of Weybourne Anti-Aircraft Training Camp.

Staff at the museum have reported seeing unexplained ‘spirit lights’ at night-time, usually close to the old pillbox. It has been suggested that these are the spirits of six ATS girls who died in the area.

It has also been suggested that the Russian T34 tank in the museum is haunted as well. People often hear the sound of it ‘cooling down’ as it would after being run. However, the ignition has not been turned on in a very long time, so this is not at all possible. Significant temperature drops are also experienced close to the tank.

There have also been hundreds of reports of phantom footsteps, poltergeist activity, eerie groans, disembodied screams and shouting.

Particular hotspots are the office, the corridors and some of the old military ambulances. This suggests that some activity comes not from the building or the land but the objects themselves.

6. Maids Head Hotel, NorwichBOOK A ROOM

Maids Head HotelOne of the most haunted places in Norfolk is The Maids Head Hotel in Norwich.

It is believed to be home to a female spirit known simply as the Lady in Grey.

Some say that she is a maid who once worked in the building. She is most often seen in the oldest part of the hotel, and guests have said that she usually leaves the scent of lavender in her wake.

One of the bedrooms in this part of the building also seems to attract her attention, and it is not all that uncommon for visitors to request rooms in the newer section of the hotel when booking to avoid the ghost!

The hotel is also haunted by a former mayor who is often seen walking around the hotel’s courtyard, shaking his head.

7. Thetford Priory, Thetford

Thetford PrioryThetford Priory is the 12th-century ruin of a Cluniac priory that ghostly monks haunt.

The reports of these hauntings go as far back as 1932, when witnesses have heard the disembodied voices of monks chanting and singing in Latin.

In 1992, there was a sighting where a group of teenagers exploring the ruins heard what sounded like keys clinking together and turned around to see the apparition of a monk running straight past them.

However, the most famous sighting of the Thetford Priory Monks happened in 1987. Christean Jensen-Romer, who is now a renowned parapsychologist featured on various paranormal television shows over the years, was visiting the priory with friends when they spotted the apparition of a monk descending a set of non-existent steps!

8. Castle Rising, King's Lynn

Castle RisingOne of the most infamous Norfolk ghosts is undoubtedly the ‘mad queen’! Castle Rising dates back to around 1138, and the upper floors of the Castle are allegedly haunted by the spirit of Queen Isabelle – the mad queen.

Isabella’s husband, King Edward II, was dethroned by their son Edward III and was later murdered.

It is believed that Isabella’s lover Roger Mortimer Mortimer was the culprit. Roger was executed in 1330, and Isabella was ordered to return to Castle Rising, where she was confined for the remainder of her life.

She developed a mental health condition and died alone and completely insane. Visitors to Castle Rising say that she can still be heard shrieking and laughing maniacally all around the Castle and its grounds!

The Ghosts of Castle Rising

9. Blickling Hall, Norwich

The Haunted Blickling HallBlickling Hall is a Jacobean mansion that sits in an estate covering over 4000 acres. The property was the home of Sir Thomas Boleyn and his wife, Elizabeth. Their children George, Mary and Anne were all born in the hall.

Anne Boleyn, of course, would go on to become a Queen. It is she who is the building’s most famous apparition.

It is said that she walks the hall dressed in white and carrying her severed head! It has been told that she arrives in a coach driven by a headless horseman and four headless horses.

Anne Boleyn’s father is also reputed to haunt the building. Like his daughter, Sir Thomas was beheaded, and he now walks the halls carrying his head, which is said to gush flame from the mouth! There are also the spirits of a 15th Century knight and a grey lady haunting the property.

Learn more about the ghosts of Blickling Hall.

More stories on the ghost of Anne Boleyn.

10. Diss by Verve (formerly the Scole Inn)STAY HERE

The Scole InnIn 1759, Diss by Verve was the site of a brutal murder.

The young woman, known as Emma, was violently slaughtered by her husband in a fit of jealous rage, and she is now said to haunt the former coaching inn, which dates back as far as 1655 when it was built by the wealthy merchant, John Peck.

Emma has been reported in the bar area and one of the inns’ bedrooms, and it is especially common for her to terrify unsuspecting guests when her ghostly apparition materialises on the stairs in front of them!

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