Ghosts at Castle Rising

Castle Rising is close to the town of King’s Lynn and was once a busy seaport, however, the sea is now over 4 miles away from the Castle grounds.

The Castle is in serious decline due to the many years of being abandoned, however, it was obviously a very beautiful Castle when it was the home of Queen Isabelle. She was a French princess who was married to Edward II.

In 1327, Edward was dethroned in favour of his son Edward III. The former King was then later murdered, it is believed by his close friend and lover of Isabelle’s, Roger Mortimer. Edward the young King was growing ever wary of the growing power of his mother’s lover Roger, so he arranged a raid on his home in Nottingham where he stayed with Isabelle. Isabelle pleaded for his release, but in 1330 Roger was hanged at Tyburn – executed for the murder of Edward II.

Isabelle was then ordered by her son to return to Castle Rising and to never leave the Castle grounds. He provided her with servants but she later became mentally ill and passed away insane and alone.

It has been reported that her screams and manic laughter can still be heard around the Castle and its grounds.