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Looking to attend a ghost hunt at Charlton House, Greenwich, London? You won’t be disappointed on a overnight investigation at this location that’s for sure! It’s regarded as one of the most haunted houses in London! With its array of creepy areas such as the attic and its dark unnverving basement, this impressive Jacobean manor is very intimidating to say the least.

On a ghost tour here you’ll be able to access all of the mansion’s most haunted areas including the Grand Rooms, where you’ll most likely encounter something paranormal due to the sheer number of reports here. This eerie mansion is home to several spirits, and if even the slightest bit panicky at the thought of meeting one, just make sure you’re not alone at any time.

Your Charlton House Ghost Hunt

Investigators always look forward to attending a ghost hunt at Charlton House, as it always leaves them more than satisfied with what ghostly happenings they have experienced. The London mansion dates back to King James I, with many reports of the paranormal during this time. The most prominent of all the spirits is that of the grey lady, who’s apparition been seen on many occasions walking the estate’s grounds. Visitors to the mansion have also heard and seen doorknobs rattling and felt and oppressive feeling throughout the house, particularly in the attic and cellars.

Charlton House ghost hunts offer you the very best of paranormal experiences. You’ll investigate one of London’s most haunted houses at nigthfall, were your imagination can be your worst enemy, though what you’re imagining may very well be the truth!

Regarded by many professional ghost hunters as the most haunted mansion in London, the impressive Charlton House has a colourful history, with a long list of paranormal goings-on. Just what will you discover lurking in the corners of this truly terrifying of ghost hunting nights?

Ghosts of Charlton House

Over the many years many occupants have lived and passed on in this house. During all those years and to this day many people have reported considerable paranormal activity. one of the most terrifying of reports is that of the grey lady. Her apparition has been seen on many occasions as clear as day, always carrying a bundle with what looks to be a baby snuggled inside.

Staff at Charlton House have regularly reported their belongings mysteriously disappearing only to be found later in a completely different area of the house. The attic is a no go for staff members, at least alone anyway. They refuse to enter alone due to the very oppressive feeling they get as soon as they step inside. The cellars are perhaps even worse, with many of the staff refusing point blank to go down there. Perhaps you’ll have the opportunity to do a lone vigil here!

It’s also worth noting that an uptick in paranormal activity was witnessed when during restoration work, the mummified body of a baby was found within an old fireplace! Could this have been a still born baby of one of the mansions’ servants, or perhaps it was dispatched of in panic by its terrified parent. Perhaps the grey lady knows!

Brief History of Charlton House

Among several houses in England named Charlton House. Charlton House, London is the most prominent. It’s a Jacobean mansion that was constructed in 1607 out of red brick with a stone dressing. It was built for Sir Adam Newton, who was tutor to James I’s son Henry. It featured an impressive great hall, chapel, state dining room, gallery and a saloon. It has also served as the family home to Sir William Langhorne, who purchased the property in 1680 and lived there until his death in 1714. He was desperately trying to produce an heir to his fortune but died childless and the estate was then passed to his nephew.

It’s believed Sir William still haunts the mansions many rooms and halls, refusing to accept he died childless. His body is buried at the nearby Charlton Parish Church.


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