These caves are believed to have been dug initially to find chalk and flint back in 1250, however, they could be much older than that. The only written proof the caves exist is in Church mining records that date back to 1737.

These caves go on for around 20 miles and are packed full of mysterious passageways and caverns. The mines in the caves were last used around 1830 but they have played a variety of different roles since then. They have been used as a tourist attraction, concert venue, air-raid shelter, ammunition depot, and for mushroom storage. Today it’s used as a tourist attraction again and as a location for films and shows including Dr. Who and Merlin respectively.

Ghosts in Chislehurst Caves

These intimidating caves have seen a lot of supernatural activity. The reports seem to centre around poltergeist activity such as locks being thrown around, cables being torn from the sockets, and chalk being thrown at visitors. An exorcist has even been called into the caves to see if he can get shut of the malevolent spirit. The TV show Most Haunted have even investigated here, such as the lure of this mysterious location.

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