Arreton Manor is a manor made in the Jacobean design. It dates as far back as 872 A.D.  One of its previous owners is Edward the Confessor. For more than 400 years, the manor was owned and farmed by abbots. During the reign of King Henry VIII, the monasteries were dissolved and manor became the property of the Crown.  Most of the manor was built 16th ad 17th century but some parts of the manor was built in the 14th century. It is said that Charles I himself frequently visited the manor.

The manor was sold to two merchants when the King granted the manor to trustees to help repay debts to the city. The manor was sold two times. It came into the possession of Lord Culpeper who left the manor to his daughter, Lady Katherine, the wife of Lord Fairfax. The manor stayed in their possession for more than 200 years. Royalty frequented the manor, including Queen Victoria and Queen Mary. In recent years the manor has become a museum for toys and is even open to visitors.

Ghosts of Arreton Manor

The picturesque roads of Arreton are known to many travellers and a lot of people go to Arreton Manor not only to relax and to see the views but also to see the many spectres which are said to haunt the lovely place.

One of the many owners of the manor was Count Slade de Pomeroy. He has recorded waking up to the sound of someone knocking on the door of his bedroom. He has also reported that when he woke up to the knocks and opened the door, there would be no one there. However, there was a time when he opened the door and he was pushed back by hands which he could not see. One of the house helpers did say that she saw two monks entering the room and when one of them pushed the count back inside the room, both the monks disappeared.

There is also the story of two brothers feuding over who would inherit the manor. In order to settle the dispute, they fought a duel. One of the brothers was killed and three days after the other brother died because of the wounds he suffered in the duel.  The title of the manor went to Barnaby Leigh. He was smothered by his son who wanted to inherit the manor. When he looked up after smothering his father, he noticed his Annabel, his younger sister watching.  He panicked, grabbed his sister and threw her down from the highest window of the manor. It is said that there is a spot in the manner which is permanently cold. The ghost of the little girl Annabel is seen often, walking around the manor. Sometimes she can also be heard calling around for her mother.

The manor has been open to the public and lots of visitors have reported seeing apparitions. One time, there was a girl who told her mother that she had been trying to make friends with a girl in blue who just disappeared into the brick wall. Ghostly noises can also be heard coming from empty rooms.