Once the home of Augustinian monks, this medieval moat has records that date back to 1229. Once the Church of the Holy Trinity was destroyed, Michelham underwent significant building work which included an extensive Tudor wind. It appeared in the very first episode of Living TV’s Most Haunted and has been described as one of the most haunted locations in England.

Ghosts at Michelham Priory

One of the many ghosts that have been reported here is that of Thomas Sackville. He was once the owner of the priory and still haunts the halls to this day tormenting the spirit of a young girl called Rosie. She is reported to hide in the wood panelling at the top of the stairs to stay clear of her tormentor.

One of the more regular hauntings is that of the Grey Lady, who has been seen on many occasions by the bridge and the gatehouse. She has also been seen near the moat staring into the water apparently mourning her child who drowned in there many years before her own death. She has also been reported to stare into the faces of sleeping guests and then float away through the walls.

Other hauntings include a black hooded monk in the undercroft, a young boy in the kitchens, a maid in the hall, and a lady dressed in Tudor clothing walking the corridors.

There have also been reports of poltergeist activity, with windows opening, doors banging shut and opening, and as captured on Most Haunted, a chair moving by itself.