This eerie location is home to so many inexplicable occurrences that it’s hard to list and categorise them all. From shadows and apparitions to poltergeist activity, Fort Amherst in Kent, really does need to be seen to be believed…

Brief History

Originally built in 1756 to defend London and the surrounding area from French invasion, Fort Amherst now serves as a tourist attraction, detailing its military history. There’s a labyrinth of tunnels constructed in the cliffs, that were designed to easily transport ammunition around the fortress. This ensured all sides of the fortress were heavily fortified ready for any impending attacks by French soldiers, as the fortress was situated on the best route to London. During the Napoleonic wars, the fort’s defences were increased significantly, by workers made up mostly by prisoner’s forced to carry out the work. According to English Heritage, the current fort stands as the finest example of a complete Napoleonic fortress in Britain today.

Fort Amherst Ghosts

Since its opening to the public in 1983, the hauntings have been a frequent occurrence at Fort Amherst. Dark shadows are often seen, even in the daytime, and this has been reported almost daily. Voices have also been reported, often in people’s ears as if someone is standing right next to them. People have been so shocked by these phenomena they have screamed in shock quickly leaving the area.

People have heard the sounds of children crying and a woman wailing regularly. There also seems to be a very active presence in the tunnels that don’t seem to shy away from making themselves known. Direct responses to requests have been witnessed, as well as poltergeist activity in abundance as you travel further into the heart of these very haunted tunnels.

The apparition of a soldier has been witnessed by guests and staff in the lower gun floor. He tends to make himself known to people who are familiar with the location, only people who’ve worked there or visited a couple of times have seen him.

People have often had to wipe small handprints of their backs upon leaving the tunnels as if they’d been touched by a small child.

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