History of the Inn

The odd name comes from an old owner called Thomas Busby. He was executed in 1702 by way of hanging directly opposite the pub. He was sentenced to death because he was found guilty of murdering his father with a hammer to stop him moaning. The post or stoop he was executed on gives the name to this delightful yet sometimes scary place.

Reported Experiences

It is no strange coincidence that the ghost of this pub is Thomas Busby himself. He also haunts the area where he was hanged over the road. There was a chair in the pub that Thomas cursed on the day of his execution. He said that anyone who shall sit on that chair shall face a horrible and sudden death just like he was due to. Legend has it that many people who have sat in that chair did, in fact, die within a matter of days sometimes hours after. The chair now sits in Thirsk Museum away from any inquisitive bums.