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The UK’s premier haunted accommodation directory now brings you the very best ghost hunts and paranormal events the UK has to offer, giving you the chance to become ghost hunters for a night!

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In partnership with the most experienced and well known ghost hunting companies nationwide, we bring you the largest list of UK overnight ghost hunts available anywhere online.

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Castle Lodge Ghost Hunt, Ludlow, Shropshire – Friday 3rd July 2015

Opening its doors once again….by night…… Castle Lodge is a medieval Tudor and Elizabethan architectural transition period house in Ludlow, Shropshire, situated close to Ludlow Castle. Scenes from the 1965 film version of...

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Saltmarshe Hall Ghost Hunt & Sleepover, East Yorkshire – Friday 3rd July 2015

**THIS IS AN OPTIONAL SLEEPOVER EVENT** Ghostly figures, unexplained noises, poltergeist activity, guests being touched are just some of the reported paranormal activity recorded here.  We were thrilled to of captured the...

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Poltergeist House, 30 East Drive Ghost Hunt, Pontefract – Friday 3rd July 2015

Undaunted Events are for the more serious and experienced paranormal investigator, these events are no frills, back to basic paranormal investigating. NO MEDIUMS PRESENT There is no structure to these events, YOU are completely...

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Strelley Hall Ghost Hunt, Nottingham – Friday 3rd July 2015

Strelley Hall in Haunted Nottinghamshire has a macabre history dating back to the 1200s when it was built as a castle. The Hall has many rooms to investigate including the Castle room, which dates back to the 1200s, the Georgian...

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Fort Amherst Ghost Hunt, Chatham – Kent – Saturday 4th July 2015

It’s Dark, It’s Eerie and it has Evil intent. Welcome to the very haunted and foreboding location Fort Amherst, Chatham in Kent. Fort Amherst is a ghost hunters paradise with so much paranormal activity recorded here...

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The Annison Funeral Parlour Ghost Hunt, Hull – Saturday 4th July 2015

Welcome to The Haunted and very foreboding Annison Building. The Haunted Annison Building was a former funeral parlour, and its one haunted and frightening location. Our last investigations here have been outstanding, with strong...

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The Old House Ghost Hunt, Coalville, Leicestershire – Saturday 4th July

In Haunted Leicestershire the Old House is a gem of reputed paranormal activity, a rarely investigated location set in the medieval town of Coalville. This location has a daunting history which includes suicide, murder and it is...

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Turton Tower Ghost Hunt, Bolton – Saturday 4th July 2015

This is one haunted building you need to investigate! Turton Towers in Bolton is one frightening location. The reported and witnessed paranormal here is endless from unseen hands to voices and full apparitions being seen. During...

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Tolhouse Gaol Ghost Hunt, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk – Saturday 4th July 2015

Witches…Murderers…Pirates…are just some of the people that have been through these doors! **Please be advised of the following** Every investigation that we undertake, all guests are protected from the moment...

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Armley Mills Ghost Hunt, Leeds – Friday 10th July 2015

The Armley Mills Leeds Industrial Museum is a museum of industrial heritage located in Armley, west Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It includes collections of textile machinery, railway equipment and heavy engineering amongst...

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