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The UK’s premier haunted accommodation directory now brings you the very best ghost hunts and paranormal events the UK has to offer, giving you the chance to become ghost hunters for a night!

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In partnership with the most experienced and well known ghost hunting companies nationwide, we bring you the largest list of UK overnight ghost hunts available anywhere online.

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Tettenhall Towers Ghost Hunt – Wolverhampton – Friday 1st May 2015

Access the areas that many people refuse to re-enter! Ghostly apparitions, heavy footsteps, whispers is just a fraction of the paranormal witnessed here. With a maze of rooms, dark and sinister corridors and stairwells to...

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Drakelow Tunnels Ghost Hunt, Kidderminster – Friday 1st May 2015

Fancy exploring Drakelow Tunnels on a ghost hunt you’ll never forget? Drakelow Tunnels, a former underground military complex, consists of numerous tunnels that stretch for 3.5 miles! The Tunnels, originally constructed in...

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Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Ghost Hunt, North Yorkshire – Friday 1st May 2015

Completley exclusive to Simply Ghost Nights Ripon Museum is a very active location. Step back in time and take in the atmosphere of the doom and gloom the poor unfortunate residents of the workhouse would have felt from the...

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Drakelow Tunnels Ghost Hunt, Kidderminster – Saturday 2nd May 2015

Poltergeist activity, Full apparitions, Ghostly noises, footsteps, are just some of the reported paranormal activity recorded here!Hidden away in beneath Kingsford Country Park near Kinver in Staffordshire, these terrifying...

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Armley Mills Ghost Hunt, Leeds – Saturday 2nd May 2015

Ghost hunting at Armley Mills is not for the faint hearted with its long reaching dark corridors, and foreboding rooms with machinery in them. Armley mills can install fear and dread just walking around the building let alone...

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The Annison Funeral Parlour Ghost Hunt, Hull – Saturday 2nd May 2015

Welcome to The Haunted and very foreboding Annison Building. The Haunted Annison Building was a former funeral parlour, and its one haunted and frightening location. This is one of Hull’s most haunted locations and was...

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Gresley Old Hall Ghost Hunt, Swadlincote, Derbyshire – Sat 2nd May 2015

Are you brave enough to spend the night in a haunted location? Gresley Old Hall was built on the site of the old Gresley Priory (1135-40) in the reign of Henry 1. Built in 1734 it replaced the original hall built in 1556. With...

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Craig Y Nos Castle, Wales – Frid 8th May 2015 – Ghost Hunt & Sleepover – **3 Course Dinner

If any guest is a vegetarian, vegan or has any special dietary requirements you must let us know so that we can ensure that your needs are accommodated. *Event Cost: £129 per person for two people sharing a room This price...

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Gresley Old Hall Ghost Hunt, Swadlincote, Derbyshire – Friday 8th May 2015

History of Gresley Old Hall Gresley Old Hall, a 17th Century Grade II listed building, situated near Swadlincote, was built on the site of a Priory (Old Gresley Priory 1135-1140). Built in 1734, it replaced the original hall...

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Margam Castle Ghost Hunt, Port Talbot, S. Wales – Friday 8th May 2015

Margam castle is a terrifying, eerie and chilling location situated in Port Talbot, Wales. The castle is believed to be the home to a nasty and angry spirit of a Game Keeper who is believed to have been murdered by a poacher, he...

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