Epping Forest in Essex has a rich history, dating back to the Iron Age. There are stories of Roman battles, Norman invaders, and notorious highwaymen. In fact, the famous highwayman, Dick Turpin used a cave in the High Beach area of Epping as a hideout for many years. Due to the location of the forest in relation to London, it’s known as a burial area for murder victims, with many of the Krays victims believed to have been buried here.

Ghosts of Epping Forest

The haunted history of Epping Forest is notorious, so much so, Most Haunted carried out a live show here in 2003, in the hope of locating the ghost of Dick Turpin, whom they believe came into contact with them. Ghost hunts are also a regular occurrence throughout the year. As well as the ghost of Turpin, there are numerous other sightings and experiences that have occurred at Epping throughout the years.

The ghost of Boudica (Queen of the British Iceni tribe – AD60) is believed to haunt the forest. Poltergeist activity is also a regular occurrence, with people reporting being pushed or touched by unseen hands. Apparitions have been known to show themselves also. On one occasion, a man was spotted wearing a tricorn hat and cape, on top of a black horse.

At the Wake Arms round-about, the headless apparition of a biker and a horse-drawn coach has been seen in the dead of night. A troubled spirit is said to run out in front of vehicles, staring into the driver’s eyes before disappearing right before them. The ghost of a young girl who reportedly drowned near the Kings Oak Pub has been seen, as well as a headless horseman.

Hangman’s Hill

At Hangman’s Hill, there have been reports of an apparition of a man being seen in the wooded area. Terrifying screams are also heard here. It is said, that if you leave your car in neutral on the hill, your car will appear to roll upwards towards the tree where people have been hanged.

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