Kelvedon Hatch Bunker Ghosts

Kelvedon Hatch has featured on many prominent ghost hunting TV shows. Ghost hunts here have appeared on shows such as Most Haunted, Great British Ghosts and others. Although never used for its original purpose the location has a lot of history of the paranormal.

One story comes from the time when the bunker was first being built. During initial construction the facility required tons and tons of concrete, which was being poured 24/7 for a number of weeks. One morning during workers found a site foreman’s hat was found sat in the wet concrete but the man was nowhere to be found, and it was assumed that he was buried in the very walls that he was helping construct.

It’s also known that there was ancient burial ground dug up during the construction of the facility, there was also believed to be a suicide by one of the workers on the main stairwell.

During the years there have been many paranormal reports at Kelvedon Hatch. Perhaps the most common occurrence is poltergeist activity, with many first-hand accounts of things being thrown.

There are also full-bodied apparitions that appear throughout the location. Growls and thumping sounds have also been heard. On one occasion on an investigation, a group was gathered in one of the generator rooms when all of a sudden a generator fired up frightening the life out of everyone inside. This is particularly strange as this generator is never switched on!

There is also a malicious spirit which wanders the service tunnels and the sick-bay dormitory is a particularly active area.

Kelvedon Hatch Military Bunks

Brief History of Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker

Kelvedon Hatch Bunker was constructed in 1952 and was originally intended to house military personnel, skilled civilians, and perhaps event the Prime Minister in the event of a nuclear attack. Situated in the middle of dense Essex woodland, the bunker wasn’t made public knowledge until 1992 when it was decommissioned.

Built beneath the ground to a depth of 125 feet, above the facility is an inconspicuous looking bungalow nestled away amongst the trees. This serves as the main entrance to the facility which then leads to a service tunnel that stretches 300 feet, above which are 2 more levels that include the generator rooms, dormitories, hospital wing, and command centre posts. The facility was manned up until 1992 when it was deemed surplus to requirements amid costs of £3 million a year. It was then sold at a closed bid public auction by the Government to the original owner of the land, the Parrish family. Hence why it’s now privately owned.

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