Bagdale Hall Hotel, Whitby, North Yorkshire

Browne Bushell, a former owner of the hotel, was executed with charges relating to piracy. He returned to the hall after his death and has been seen there many times since then, walking up and down staircases at the hall. Guests...

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The Golden Fleece, York

York is an extremely haunted city and so it is no surprise that one of its oldest pubs, built in 1503, is haunted. There are thought to be fifteen spectres in residence at the hotel, but the most noted of which and the most...

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The Black Swan Hotel, Helmsley, York

Although not much is known about the origins of the ghosts at the Black Swan Hotel, it’s thought that there has been resident ghosts at the hotel for many years, which is no surprise considering that York is an incredibly...

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Best Western Plus Dean Court Hotel, Duncombe Place, York

As York is said to be one of the most haunted cities in the entire world, it’s no surprise that the Dean Court Hotel is haunted, primarily by a cleaner known as the ‘Mad Maid’. Mediums who have visited the hotel in the past...

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