Dare to explore the haunted corridors of Castle Keep, where spectral footsteps echo, invisible hands reach out, and the tragic “Poppy Girl” lingers on the stairs with a haunting scent of flowers. Book now for a thrilling night of ghost hunting at this ancient stronghold!

Event Cost: £65 per person

Event Time: 8:00 PM – 2 AM

Address: The Black Gate, Castle Garth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1RQ

Your Ghost Hunt at Newcastle Castle

Newcastle’s most renowned and haunted location! Newcastle Castle’s gruesome past and ancient legacy add to its haunting allure. An incredibly chilling destination for those who dare to venture inside!

Within the ancient walls of Newcastle Castle, known as The Keep, echoes of the past stir, giving rise to hundreds of eerie reports of ghostly phenomena. This venerable landmark, one of the oldest in the region, has chilled even the most seasoned ghost hunters to the bone.

Will you dare to join the Haunted Rooms team in the dead of night, taking on the role of a paranormal investigator? Will you be the next to uncover the mysteries that lie in the Castle’s Keep, stepping beyond the known into a night of terror?

The castle’s haunted history is rich with unsettling occurrences. Heavy footsteps resonate across empty floors, and strange mists and ethereal lights have been witnessed dancing in the main hall during previous ghost hunts. Among the spectral residents is a mischievous child, whose ghostly antics are well-known, and shadowy monk-like figures that drift through the castle’s hidden chambers.

Are you prepared to face the unknown? Join us at Newcastle Castle, a place where the gruesome past lingers and the shadows tell tales. As night falls, we’ll unlock the keep for an unforgettable ghost hunting event, where fear and fascination intertwine. Come, if you dare, and uncover what waits in the dark.

The Hauntings

There have been numerous ghostly stories about Castle Keep, ranging from the chilling sounds of spectral footsteps echoing down narrow corridors that reveal themselves to be empty upon investigation, to unexplained mists that several visitors have eerily captured on their cameras, as if the very essence of the past is reaching out.

Hundreds of photographs have been published online and in books, bearing witness to sightings of dark shadows, mysterious orbs, and swirling mists. Visitors have felt cold spots appear and vanish without any logical explanation, and people have been touched by invisible hands, leaving them with a lingering sense of dread.

The Queens Chamber stands as one of the haunting epicenters within the Keep. Many people have reported hearing chanting in the chamber, a sound that resonates and echoes around the ancient walls of the Keep, as if the chanting monks of old are still performing their sacred rites.

Many times, a spectral lady has been seen in the chamber, especially in the chapel, her presence imbued with an unsettling aura. Visitors have reported being attacked, scratched, and shoved within the walls of Castle Keep, a place where the past refuses to rest.

The Keep’s most famous ghost is known as the “Poppy Girl.” Legend has it that she is the tormented spirit of a flower girl, imprisoned for debts and subjected to unthinkable horrors by male prisoners, leading to her tragic death. Her ghostly figure is often seen on the stairs of the Keep, and it is said that when she is nearby, a haunting whiff of flowers lingers in the air, a poignant reminder of innocence lost.

Her story adds to the rich tapestry of hauntings that make Castle Keep a place of fascination, fear, and a connection to a world beyond our own.

What's Included?

Join us for a true ghost hunting experience as we employ a range of methods and tools to communicate with the spirits that may linger here. Your thrilling venture includes:

  • Exclusive Access: Explore the haunted areas known for more intense paranormal activity.
  • Advanced Equipment: Utilize EMF Readers, Rem Pods, MEL Meters, Laser Grids, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Spirit Boxes, Trigger Objects, and more!
  • Spiritual Techniques: Engage in Ouija Boards, Glass Divination, Table Tipping, Dowsing Rods, and Crystal Pendulums.
  • Lone Vigils: For the bravest, the option to go ghost hunting alone in a room.
  • Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly hosts will guide you through an authentic ghost hunting experience.
  • Authenticity Guarantee: We stand against tricks or faking activity. Our goal is genuine exploration.
  • Group Discussion: Share and discuss your findings with others at the end of the night.
  • Refreshments: Enjoy unlimited hot and cold drinks throughout the event. Feel free to bring personal midnight snacks (not included).

Castle Keep, made of stone, was built by Henry II between 1172 and 1177. Henry VIII added the Black Gate between 1247 and 1250. The Castle is located on a steep-sided promontory that overlooks the River Tyne.

It is an easily defensible site occupied for almost 2000 years. It is believed that there is also prehistoric activity in the place due to the stone axe and Flint flakes found during an archaeological excavation there.

Once, a Roman fort stood on the site, and it was called Pons Aelius. It guarded the river crossing below. In the 8th century, the fort was used as a Christian cemetery. It is believed that the Swing Bridge now stands on the location of the Roman Bridge.

The Black Gate was added to the Castle between 1247 and 1250. It has two towers with a passage running between them. There were vaulted guardrooms on each side of the passage, a drawbridge at the front and another at the rear. A portcullis that could be raised and down also sealed the entrance passage.

The Black Gate was leased to a courier named Alexander Stephenson. He subsequently made a few changes to the gatehouse and rebuilt the upper floors. After not repaying his debts, the Barbican became the property of Patrick Black, the debtee to Stephenson, and this was when the Black Gate got its name.

From the 16th to the 18th Century, the Keep served as a foreboding prison, its walls holding secrets and despair until time wore it into disrepair. In the early 19th Century, the Keep was lovingly restored, and by the 1850s, the landscape transformed to accommodate the burgeoning railway system, cutting through the very grounds of the Castle.

Now, the Keep and Gatehouse stand as the sole survivors of the original fortification, silent witnesses to history’s ever-changing tapestry.

Today the Castle Keep is a Grade I listed building and is open to the public 361 days a year. It has become a heritage visitor attraction owned by the City Council of Newcastle.

Event Location: The Black Gate, Castle Garth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1RQ

Time: 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM (Arrive from earliest 7:30 PM)

Parking: Some limited on-street parking is available outside The Vermont Hotel, adjacent to the Castle Keep. The nearest major public car park can be found on Dean Street. Walk out of the car park, cross straight over Dean Street and almost directly in front of you is a small stairway that brings you up into Amen Corner, to the east side of the Castle. There are numerous other parking facilities, including multi-storey facilities and 48 surface car parks operated by Newcastle City Council.

Accessibility: Due to the historic nature of this venue, unfortunately, it’s not suitable for those with mobility issues, and it isn’t wheelchair friendly.

Please Note: All guests must be 18 years or older. Not suitable for those who are heavily pregnant. Guests are strongly advised to wear comfortable shoes and warm layered clothing on colder nights.

Dates to Book

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