Join us for an unforgettable night of ghost hunting in the Niddry Street Vaults, Edinburgh’s hidden underworld renowned for its intense paranormal activity. Experience the chilling presence of the mysterious Watcher, and dare to explore the haunts of infamous serial killers Burke & Hare. As darkness falls, will you brave the unknown?

Event Cost: £59 per person

Event Time: 11:50 PM – 5 AM

Address: 45 Niddry street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LG

Your Ghost Hunt at Edinburgh Vaults

Join Haunted rooms in the hidden depths of the infamously haunted, Edinburgh Vaults!

The Niddry Street Vaults in Edinburgh hold a chilling reputation on the global stage, notorious for their relentless and intense paranormal occurrences. These shadowy vaults, lying beneath the city’s bustling streets, have become a sought-after destination for seasoned ghost hunters, drawn by the extraordinary supernatural events that have been witnessed here time and again.

It is whispered that the infamous serial killers Burke & Hare once prowled these very vaults, hunting their prey in the darkness. The echoes of the past inhabitants’ suffering still linger, a haunting reminder of a time filled with terror and despair.

A ghost hunt in the Niddry Street Vaults offers more than just thrills; it’s a chance to reach across the veil of time, to touch the spectral remnants of those who once dwelled here. The question is, do you have the courage to face what awaits in the shadows? The opportunity is yours, if you dare!

The Hauntings

Among the ghostly residents, a figure known as “The Watcher” has been glimpsed, his presence a foreboding shadow that looms over the vaults. Visitors have recounted hearing the unsettling sounds of children’s cries, whispered conversations, soft whimpers, and the shuffling of unseen feet surrounding them in the darkness.

But the vaults hold more than just eerie sounds. Some have felt the cold grasp of invisible hands, a sensation of being pulled or touched by forces unseen. A particularly malevolent spirit seems to harbor a dark animosity towards the women who dare to explore these depths. Could this be the Cobbler, a spectral figure known to observe from the corners of the vaults, his intentions as mysterious as his gaze?

The Niddry Street Vaults invite you to experience the unexplainable, to confront the mysteries that dwell within. But be warned, for the ghosts of Niddry Street are restless, and their secrets are not easily revealed.

The History of the Vaults

At the dawn of the 18th century, Edinburgh was a city gripped by fear and superstition. The unknown and the supernatural were not mere fantasies but tangible threats magnified by a deep-seated mistrust of the invading English. This fear led to the construction of the Flodden Wall, a defensive barrier built after the tragic Battle of Flodden in 1513.

The city’s unique geography, coupled with this man-made wall, forced residents into close quarters, living in towering houses, some reaching 14 stories high. This closeness bred an unsettling atmosphere of anxiety and dread.

The completion of the South Bridge in 1788 should have been a joyous occasion, but it was marred by tragedy. The first to cross this architectural marvel was not a living soul but a corpse carried in a coffin. The bridge was cursed, and the locals knew it. Fear kept them away, and superstition ruled their lives.

As the years rolled on, the bridge became a bustling hub of commerce, with shops and tenement houses crowding its arches. But dark, airless vaults were constructed beneath the surface, initially serving as workshops and storage.

Over time, these spaces began to decay. Leaks plagued the bridge, and businesses were forced to abandon the vaults. In their absence, the most desperate and disreputable found refuge in the damp darkness. Among them were the infamous body snatchers, William Burke and William Hare, whose heinous crimes still echo in the vaults’ chilling corridors.

Eventually, the vaults were abandoned, filled with rubble, and forgotten. But they were not empty. The memories lingered, the stories seeped through the cracks, and the ghosts remained.

Rediscovered in 1985, the vaults have lost none of their haunting allure. They are a place where the past is palpable, where the stones themselves seem to breathe. The BBC has called it “possibly one of the most haunted places in Britain,” and those who have dared to explore have reported sinister sightings, dark shadows, and the eerie sounds of children’s voices.

Now, with Haunted Rooms, you have the opportunity to experience the Edinburgh Vaults for yourself. Join us as we delve into the most chilling stories in history, guided by the Haunting Rooms team, who are eager to take you closer to the mysteries that await.

What's Included?

Join us for a true ghost hunting experience as we employ a range of methods and tools to communicate with the spirits that may linger here. Your thrilling venture includes:

  • Exclusive Access: Explore areas closed to the public, known for intense paranormal activity.
  • Advanced Equipment: Utilize EMF Readers, Rem Pods, MEL Meters, Laser Grids, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Spirit Boxes, Trigger Objects, and more!
  • Spiritual Techniques: Engage in Ouija Boards, Glass Divination, Table Tipping, Dowsing Rods, and Crystal Pendulums.
  • Lone Vigils: For the bravest, the option to go ghost hunting alone in a room.
  • Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly hosts will guide you through an authentic ghost hunting experience.
  • Authenticity Guarantee: We stand against tricks or faking activity. Our goal is genuine exploration.
  • Group Discussion: Share and discuss your findings with others at the end of the night.
  • Refreshments: Enjoy unlimited hot and cold drinks throughout the event. Feel free to bring personal midnight snacks (not included).

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