Join us for a thrilling ghost hunt at Bannockburn House, a grand Scottish mansion hidden in the Stirlingshire woodlands. Known for intense paranormal activity, from disembodied footsteps to unseen hands, this historic site offers a chilling adventure. Explore the haunting tales of a young servant girl, a murdered king, and more as night descends.

Event Cost: £55 per person

Event Time: 9 PM (arrive from 8:45pm) – 2 AM

Bannockburn House Address: Bannockburn House, Stirling FK7 8EY

Your Ghost Hunt at Bannockburn House

Step into the Ghostly Realm of Bannockburn House, a Historical Treasure Dating Back to the 17th Century, Hidden in the Woodlands of Stirlingshire, Scotland.

Join us at Haunted Rooms for an unforgettable night of ghost hunting at the historic Bannockburn House in Sterling, Scotland. This 17th-century house, rich in history and architectural beauty, is home to a plethora of ghosts and mysterious phenomena that have both fascinated and terrified those who have dared to explore its dark corners.

Hidden away in the wooded landscapes of Stirlingshire, Scotland, Bannockburn House stands as a testament to a time long past. This grand Scottish mansion, once left to decay, is now a beacon for those intrigued by the supernatural.

The ghosts that inhabit its halls seem unaware of the passage of time, and as night descends and shadows fill the rooms, their paranormal activity intensifies.

Whether it’s doors mysteriously slamming shut, eerie shadows glimpsed in vacant chambers, unsettling footsteps echoing through the corridors, or invisible hands reaching out to touch those who dare to explore, Bannockburn House offers an unparalleled setting for a thrilling and intense night of ghost hunting.

Bannockburn House has played a significant role in Scottish history, with connections to notable figures such as Bonnie Prince Charlie, who used the house as his headquarters during the siege of Stirling.

The house’s architectural features, including moulded timber wall panels and elaborate plasterwork, tell a story of a time long past, and its many rooms and hallways echo with tales of intrigue and tragedy.

The Hauntings

The hauntings at Bannockburn House are as varied as they are chilling. A common report is that of a young female servant, possibly connected to a saddening suicide that once took place on the balcony. Disembodied footsteps are often heard walking down the seemingly empty passageways, and doors have been known to open and close under ghostly force.

Some have even experienced the shocking feeling of being grabbed by unseen hands. The restless spirit of a murdered king is said to roam the formerly abandoned rooms and grimly lit halls, adding to the house’s reputation as a paranormal hotspot.

Our experienced team at Haunted Rooms invites you to seek out the evidence of paranormal activity while exploring Bannockburn House’s spooky chambers and creaky hallways.

From the rumoured ghost of Bonnie Prince Charlie in his bedroom to the mysterious shadows lurking in the laundry room, no one knows what will await them during the night.

Investigate this paranormal hotspot using state-of-the-art equipment to identify any signs of spirits. Dare to venture out on lone vigils and experiment with more traditional methods.

Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, this ghost hunt at Bannockburn House is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget.

Don’t miss out on this must-do lifetime experience; join us for a hauntingly memorable evening at Bannockburn House with Haunted Rooms. Explore the wonders of this ancient site and uncover the secrets within its haunted walls.

Spots will fill up quickly for this one, so hurry and book now!

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The history of Bannockburn House is a rich tapestry that begins with Sir Robert Drummond, who was granted the Barony of Bannockburn by Mary Queen of Scots in 1567. His grandson later constructed Drummonds’ Hall on the land.

In 1636, the lands were acquired by the Rollo family, and King Charles II bestowed the Baronetcy upon Sir Andrew Rollo in 1651, recognizing his support for Charles I during the English Civil War.

By 1672, Sir Hugh Paterson I had purchased the lands, and the construction of Bannockburn House was completed around 1675.

The house stands as a rare survivor of its era, boasting unique architectural features such as the “Laigh Hall” and the “Blue Room” ceilings. These were crafted by Hulbert and Dunsterfield, two master craftsmen commissioned by Charles II to create ornate ceilings within Holyrood Palace.

The house’s history is further enriched by its connection to notable figures, including Charles Edward Stuart, also known as Bonnie Prince Charlie. He dined with Sir Hugh Paterson, the second baronet, in September 1745 and later used Bannockburn House as his headquarters during significant military campaigns. During his stay, he met Clementina Walkinshaw, who would become his lover and the mother of his child.

The house changed hands several times over the centuries, passing to the Ramsey Family in 1787 and later to Alexander Wilson in 1883. Wilson, a member of the renowned Bannockburn weaving family, made significant additions and changes to the property.

In the 20th century, the house was sold to James Mitchell, the Sheriff Substitute of Stirling, in 1910, and later to millionaire A.E Pickard in 1962. After changing ownership a few more times, the house was placed on the market in 2016.

A local Community Trust formed with the goal of purchasing the house for the community and the people of Scotland, successfully acquiring the property in November 2017 through public funding and grants.

Today, Bannockburn House stands as a testament to Scotland’s rich history, with many of its 17th-century features still intact, including molded timber wall panels, elaborate plasterwork, and decorative fire surrounds.

Its storied past and architectural beauty continue to captivate those who visit, making it a treasured landmark for generations to come.

What's Included?

Join us for a true ghost hunting experience as we employ a range of methods and tools to communicate with the spirits that may linger here. Your thrilling venture includes:

  • Exclusive Access: Explore areas closed to the public, known for intense paranormal activity.
  • Advanced Equipment: Utilize EMF Readers, Rem Pods, MEL Meters, Laser Grids, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Spirit Boxes, Trigger Objects, and more!
  • Spiritual Techniques: Engage in things such as Glass Divination, Table Tipping, Dowsing Rods, Crystal Pendulums, and more.
  • Lone Vigils
  • Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly hosts will guide you through an authentic ghost hunting experience.
  • Authenticity Guarantee: We stand against tricks or faking activity. Our goal is genuine exploration.
  • Group Discussion: Share and discuss your findings with others at the end of the night.
  • Refreshments: Enjoy unlimited hot and cold drinks throughout the event. Feel free to bring personal midnight snacks (not included).

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