Ghosts at Windsor Great Park

A huntsman known as Herne who was employed by King Richard II (reigned 1377-1399) is said to haunt this park. On a hunt one day the King and Herne were cornered by a white hart who charged at the King, Herne jumped in the way and saved the King’s life but seriously hurt himself in the process. As he lay there bleeding to death a local wizard appeared who used his magical powers to save his life. This involved tying the white hart’s antlers onto Herne’s head, and in return Herne would lose his skills as a huntsman. After Herne’s heroics, he became a strong friend to the King, but the other huntsmen framed him for being a thief and as a result, the King lost faith in him. Herne was cast out by the Royals and he ended up taking his own life by way of hanging from an old oak tree. This very oak tree still stands today in the grounds of Home Park at Windsor Castle.

It is has been reported that Herne’s ghost still walks the Windsor Great Park to this day.

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