Ghosts at Tudor House Museum

One of Southampton’s most haunted locations, the Tudor House has many reported hauntings. A lot of reports have come from staff and members of the public, who have seen, heard, and felt a presence in the Green Room. Dogs refuse to enter this room as apparitions are regularly witnessed.

Dark ominous figures have been seen all around the house and a presence is felt throughout. The Georgian room on the upper floors has had people reporting to be touched and orbs have been seen on visitors cameras.

Unexplained footsteps and bangs which cannot be located have been heard regularly.

Brief History

This charming timber property dates back to 1150 when it was first a three dwelling location. The structure has changed since then and in 1492 it was built upon to look as it is today. Some prestigious people have owned this property including the Chief Justice of England Richard Lyster, George Rogers the successful artist, and John Dawtery who’s vision created what you see today.

The house itself has been in decline in the last few years, but a National Lottery fund of £1.6 million has been set aside for the restoration work that will take up to 18 months to complete.

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