Ghosts at Thorpe Hall

The Hall was built for Sir John Bolle in 1584. He was knighted in 1596 for his exploits in Cadiz, Spain. This expedition with Sir Walter Raleigh ended in dispare as they were captured and imprisoned in a dungeon by the Spanish. A wealthy Spanish noblewoman passed his cell one day which overlooked the street and gave him some bread and water. The woman known as Donna Leonora Oviedo returned regularly and eventually fell in love with Sir John then bribed the guards to release him.

After his release he returned to England without Donna who he’d told he was happily married and that he did not want to see her again. She let him go but he had to hang a portrait of her in his home in her favourite green dress.

A few months after his departure to England, Lady Oviedo followed him home and with her heart shattered decided to end her life in the gardens at Thorpe Hall.

Her ghost has been on several occasions walking the gardens in her favourite green dress looking for her love John Bolle.