Once an old smuggler’s haunt, this Georgian public house is well known to be one of the most haunted pubs in the UK, if not the world. This is down to the number of ghosts that have been reported there. One of the more well known is that of Admiral Edward Vernon who died in 1757 after a controversial career that saw him move from a Naval Captain to a politician. Other reported spirits include a persecuted monk, a drowned sailor and a disgruntled bar owner named George.

The Hauntings

Justin Hern, a chef who once lived at the Woolpack awoke one night only to witness a grey figure run past the bottom of his bed into a doorway. Still shaking with fear the chef got in touch with a local clairvoyant and ghost hunter to come and investigate. When investigating she came across the figure herself and described it as ash grey in colour and it seemed to be scurrying along the wall like a spider.

Following further investigation, it was discovered that Justin’s bedroom was located next to a priest hole, which leads people to believe the spirit is that of a monk who had died whilst trying to escape persecution.

During the investigation, the clairvoyant also picked up on a few other spirits including that of a past innkeeper known as George. The clairvoyant picked up on a connection between the monk and George. She saw sense that George was helping the monk remain hidden when he himself was killed. The clairvoyant also saw a pony-tailed sailor who was looking for Mary.

The most active of the spirits though is that of Admiral Vernon whose nicknamed Grog after his legislation on the watering down of rum on navy ships. That didn’t go down too well with the sailors as you can imagine, and as a result, he was the target of hate by generations of thirsty sailors.

Grog’s spirit has often been seen wearing 18th Century Naval officer attire. Regulars who laughed off the sighting and deemed it a hoax were to witness an act of anger by Grog as he ripped a firmly fixed sign off the wall and violently threw it to the ground.

The spirit of a local man named Fred has also been seen sitting in the Woolpack, perhaps sipping what was once his favourite beverage.

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