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St. Johns House Ghost Hunt, Warwick – Friday 18th October 2019


Location: St John’s House Museum, St John’s, Warwick, CV34 4NF
Date: Friday 18th October 2019
Time: 9.00pm – 3.00am

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Your Ghost Hunt at St John’s Mansion

St John’s House is a haunted Mansion which is becoming more and more popular with ghost hunters. This Jacobean Mansion has a lot to offer anyone who is interested or brave enough to want to encounter paranormal activity. Your ghost hunt here at St John’s will give you the opportunity to confront your own fears and leave you in no doubt whatsoever or the sinister and foreboding spirits that haunt here. With so many investigation areas and dark recesses along with a terrifyingly spooky cellar, St John’s really does have it all.

You will be able to carry out your own lone vigil if you have what it takes that is as well as work alongside our friendly and professional team to identify who or what is haunting St John’s House. Some of the experiments you will be doing include Table Tipping, glass moving, Ouija Boards, vigils, seances as well as using the most up to date ghost hunting equipment.

This really is a fantastic ghost hunting venue for all the right (or wrong) reasons and we challenge you to spend the night in this haunted old house.

Ghosts of St John’s House

St John’s House is thought to be haunted by many spirits but in particular there are two sisters who are vociferous in their attempts to drive people away from visiting this Jacobean Mansion.

It is thought two sisters both met tragic ends at the house; one was burnt to death when her clothing caught light while trying to dry herself by an open fire and the other fell ill after the house was broken into and many believe she literally died of fright.

Some of the paranormal activity within the building includes ghostly footsteps and voices thought to belong to young girls. Over the years the figure of a woman has also been seen wearing long clothing and almost oblivious of anybody else.Children have been seen walking the many corridors of St John’s House. Their laughter is often heard as is the sound of running. There is also a spirit of a man who is violent towards women which was picked up in the cellar as well as lurking figures being seen in the corner.

History of St John’s House

During the Dissolution of the Monasteries on the orders of Henry VIII, St. John’s was granted to Anthony Stoughton, for services to the King. The land was later inherited by his eldest son William by Neither of the two actually ever lived in the house, instead they leased it out to others such as Richard Townsende, who was a yeoman at Warwick. Eventually the land was inherited by the son of William Stoughton, Anthony Stoughton (junior), who built a house on the site. It is important to note that in the East Wing of the house there is a door lintel which bears the date 1626 and the initials A.S.The house remained in the possession of the Stoughton family until 1960.

Additional History of St John’s House

The land on which St. John’s House stands was given to the establishment of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist In the middle of the 12th century, during the reign of Henry II. The hospital itself was created by William de Beaumont who was then Earl of Warwick. This hospital provided two purposes which were to help the local poor and ill and to provide casual overnight boarding and food to impoverished travelers such as pilgrims. The Hospital of St. John the Baptist was one of two such hospitals in the town of Warwick at the time. The other was the Hospital of St. Michael, founded with the sole purpose of providing help and respite to those in the parish suffering from leprosy. Out of both the hospitals only the chapel building of St. Michael still stands.

In 1291 the Hospital was noted to own a dovecote worth 2 shillings. Additionally, the ploughing rent of land owned by the Hospital was valued at 10 shillings per year. In 1337 the hospital’s brethren was granted protection. At this time it was suggested that some building renovation was necessary.

It is known that in 1610 the site comprised four standing buildings, including a gatehouse topped with crenelations. The largest of the three other buildings has crosses at the roof’s apex, suggesting its religious use as the site’s chapel. At the time the hospital site also included a cemetery where remains have often been dug up during refurbishment or remodeling works on the House. The first recorded case was in the 1830s when work was being undertaken in the kitchen garden. In 1987, two workmen digging the front End of St. John’s Court flats discovered two skulls.

Event Includes

  • Ghost hunting vigils and séances in small groups
  • Workshop/separate vigils for returning guests
  • Experiments including glass divination and table tipping
  • Use of ghost hunting equipment including EMF Meters, K2 Meters etc
  • Refreshments and light snacks included such as teas and coffees
  • Not suitable for people with mobility issues or walking difficulties

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Event Location

West Midlands

Event Date

October 2019