Ghost Reports at Rowton Moor

During the English Civil War many English soldiers brutally met their fate. One of the sites that suffered one of the worst death tolls was that of Rowton Moor, Chester.

The battle of Rowton Moor took place on September 24, 1645.

The Royalist Army of King Charles was led by Marmaduke Langdale and Lord Bernard Stewart, Oliver Cromwell’s Parliamentarians were led by Colonel Micheal Jones. In this brutal battle, over 600 Royalist were murdered, among them was their leader, Lord Bernand Stewart.

It has been reported that his ghost still haunts the moors on horseback and has been several times on or around September 24.

Another important casualty for the Royalists was that of William Lawes, King Charles’ court musician. He was a dear friend of the King and had served him all his life.

Other reports are of plaintive music being heard across the moors, which is thought to be that of William Lawes who was shot down by a parliamentarian.

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