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Revesby Abbey Ghost Hunt, Nr Boston, Lincolnshire – Saturday 28th September 2019


Running Time: 8:00pm – 2:00am

Where: Revesby Abbey Private Dr, Boston, PE22 7NX

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A ghost hunt at Revesby Abbey is not to be missed, with so much ancient history connected to the buildings and surrounding land, what spirit will you encounter as you ghost hunt around the vast maze of servant’s areas at the abandoned and impressive Revesby Abbey?

Creepy and eerie corridors, rooms, tunnels and passageways give a glimpse into what life would have been like for a working person’s life in this grand house. It has a “downstairs Downton Abbey” feel to it for sure.

Your ghost hunt at Revesby Abbey will see you exploring all areas of the building made available to us, where you will be able to experience glass divination, table tipping and a group human pendulum experiment. Plus, for those comfortable enough – Ouija boards will also be on hand for you to use – all to aid your communication with the dead. Also, you will have a whole host of the most up-to-date ghost hunting gadgets to use whilst you carry out your ghost hunt. Taking part in spirit call-outs and wait to see what happens in the silence that follows. Haunted Houses likes to work in small teams to give you the very best experience possible. For the very brave lone vigils (ghost hunting in a room all alone) are very popular and plenty of opportunities to do so will be given.

Reported Haunting

Thought to be the most active part of Revesby Abbey is the chilling basement area, this dark imposing space fills people with dread. Could this be the most active area because it is closest to the remains of the original abbey! Will you encounter some of the monks who resided here from 1143AD!

Our previous visits we have encountered a sinister dark shadow that approaches you with great speed, making the air go icy cold before people start feeling their hair to be tugged. Will this energy make another appearance on your evening and will you be brave enough to hold your ground!

There is also a male figure that is dressed as though he was a butler, imagine what tales he could tell from when he worked inside the home. Shadow figures are often seen around the building too as well as a young boy running around.

The sound of running footsteps come out of the darkness and eerie shuffling can be heard in the servant’s quarters as well as the slamming of loud doors. People have reported being pushed by unseen hands also. Not only does this building have the appearance of the typical “haunted house” it also has the reputation that appears to confirm it!

Brief History

On arrival, as you walk the lonely grounds to the magnificent yet abandoned Revesby Abbey it is not difficult to imagine how it would have looked in its glory days. It saddens you to see this glorious and once loved building decomposing in front of your very eyes.

Revesby Abbey was originally a Cistercian monastery. The abbey was founded in 1143 and stood until the dissolution of the monasteries in the 16th century. It was then occupied by various Earl’s of Suffolk and Exeter.

The abbey was then demolished, and a country house was built by Craven Howard upon the abbey grounds. However, the current house that stands there was built in Jacobean style in the mid-19th century by renowned Scottish architect William Burn but has been unoccupied since the 1960’s.

About this ghost hunt:

  • Ghost hunting in small, personal groups
  • An introduction to ghost hunting techniques and equipment
  • Psychic and scientific experiments throughout the night
  • A Psychic medium on hand to give guidance on most ghost hunts when available
  • Lone vigils in the dark for the very brave
  • Full use of our equipment
  • A friendly, energetic and professional team delivering an amazing experience

Please note:

  • This location has no sleeping facilities
  • Haunted Houses Events will provide all refreshments throughout the night inclusive
  • This location has Private parking on the front lawn (along driveway in wet conditions)
  • This location is not suitable for wheelchair users or those with mobility issues
  • All attendees must be 18 years or older
  • Not suitable fore pregnant ladies
  • Guests are to bring any personal snacks, medications as per required
  • This is a very dark location; all attendees must bring a torch with them
  • All attendees are expected to wear sensible shoes and warm layered clothing


Event Date

September 2019

Event Location

East Midlands, Yorkshire & Humber