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Poltergeist House 30 East Drive Ghost Hunt, Yorkshire – Thursday 1st June 2017


Location: 30 East Drive Pontefract West Yorkshire WF8 2AN
Date: Thursday 1st June 2017
Time: 10.00pm – 2.00am

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Your Ghost Hunt at 30 East Drive

This exclusive ghost hunting experience is a 9 guest only event. The poltergeist house at 30 East Drive is reputed to be one of the most haunted houses in the UK and has many similarities to the infamous Enfield Hauntings. The activity here has been so intense causing a family to abandon their home in the mid 70’s.

This house is said to be haunted by a demonic entity and Poltergeist activity here is rife with objects being moved, lights being switched on and off and bumps and noises being heard in the hallway. This event will be an intense experience, definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Ghosts of 30 East Drive

Join Project Hauntings on our investigation here and discover for yourself if any of what has been documented is true or sensationalised. A good way to describe 30 East Drive would be to liken it to a modern day Ancient Ram Inn. The spirits are unwelcoming and active and certainly make their presence known to all who set out to challenge them.

We wont go too much into detail over what happened to Diane Pritchard for fear of power of suggestion and we suggest that you do not read too much detail on this property before you investigate it. We will then hopefully be able to have a fresher insight into what is going on. The film, ‘When The Lights Went Out’ was based purely on some of the terrifying experiences of this poor family.

Many have tried to capture the ghosts and spirits here using many ghost hunting methods and techniques. Our mediums have identified the spirit of a nice female whilst others have endured the presence of a heavy male. Who knows what or who we will uncover but it will not be for the want of trying.

History of 30 East Drive

This unassuming building has become the focus for Yorkshire horror stories, people who have stayed here have been tormented by the infamous monk who makes himself known very loudly to those who enter here. Abandoned for years there is a strange musty smell which you would expect after nobody has lived there. The house itself is unassuming and there are some artefacts which demonstrate that people have lived here as their home. I suppose it is a bit like entering a time warp where nothing has changed.

Some haunting china dolls are still visible in the living room and the patterned carpet of the era still lies on the floor. However, it feels as if something dangerous and intimidating is about to happen. The whole estate where the house belongs has been damaged by the happenings at 30 East Drive and the spine-tingling reputation that it still holds to this day.

This is one B&B the owner DOESN’T recommend you stay in, it has that much history (and having witnessed events for himself) even he won’t stay there. Owner Bil Bungay is an Ad man and film producer. When asked why he bought the most infamous haunted house in Europe? He said he had recently made a movie about the house called When the Lights Went Out and was looking for ways to promote the movie when the house came up for sale – and was cheap!

Additional History of 30 East Drive

Jean, Joe, Phillip (15) and Diane (12) Pritchard moved into Number 30 East Drive, Pontefract in August 1966. Almost immediately, during the hot summer Bank Holiday, Phillip and his Grandmother first witnessed a baffling phenomenon – a fine layer of chalk like dust falling, not from the ceiling but from a level below head height.

This was the beginning of several years of incredible, inexplicable events; green foam appearing from taps and toilet even after the water was turned off, the tea dispenser being activated resulting in all the dried tea cascading onto the work surface, lights being turned off and on, plants leaping out of their pots and landing on the stairs, cupboards shaking violently, photographs being slashed and an endless list of levitating and thrown objects including a solid oak sideboard. When both Phillip and Diane were beginning to exit adolescence, the activity reached a new climactic height with Dianes long hair suddenly standing on its end, followed by her being dragged kicking and screaming up the stairs, an event that left her seriously traumatised and with clearly visible finger marks on her throat.

Dubbed Mr Nobody by the local press in 1968 and simply ‘Fred’ by the family – this poltergeist is recognised as being one of the most violent in European History. A quick search online will provide you with more information about both past and present events, or simply visit the house website for a comprehensive list of incredible recent happenings, visitors comments and images:

30 East Drive has 3 bedrooms: 1 double, 1 single and 1 small single in which the bed was recently, noisily destroyed by the poltergeist. The bed is now fixed, so if you are excited the owner recommends that you don’t. The one guest that has partially managed to spend the night there was pinned to the bed in a state of paralysis and terror.

Event Includes

  • Ghost hunting vigils and séances in small groups
  • Workshop/separate vigils for returning guests
  • Experiments including glass divination and table tipping
  • Use of ghost hunting equipment including EMF Meters, K2 Meters etc
  • Refreshments and light snacks included such as teas and coffees
  • Not suitable for people with mobility issues or walking difficulties

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Event Location

Yorkshire & Humber

Event Date

June 2017


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