Parkside Social Club in Haworth has served as an Insitute in the past as well as a schoolroom.

Reported Ghosts

The ghost of a young Victorian girl has been seen and heard here on several occasions. She is said to run around upstairs and her footsteps have clearly been heard by staff and visitors.

Shona Grange, a volunteer at the club stated her and several other people had heard the sound of footsteps at the same time upstairs. Aware of the reports of a ghost they decided to split up and investigate, one group went up to the back stairs and the other up the front. After a thorough search of the upstairs, they found nothing, everything was secure.

Just recently Mrs Grange also revealed that people had seen the young Victorian dressed girl in the pool room. She said: “A few people have been scared to go in that room, but our youngest daughter Keziah (age 10) isn’t. After our anniversary party, she left her balloon in there for the girl ghost to play with!