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Mosborough Hall Hotel – Sheffield, South Yorkshire


The stunning Mosborough Hall is now a luxurious hotel, however it dates back to the 16th Century when it was in it’s original state as a an old manor house. It plays host to a number of reputed ghost and phenomena, many of the more popular sightings include the White Lady and a Spectral Dog…

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The White Lady of Mosborough Hall

The story of the White Lady, goes back to the late 1600`s. A governess at the Hall had flirted with the squire and found herself to be pregnant. He had promised her monies and a small cottage, but, finding himself in some financial restraint, had finally refused. The angry voices are reputed to be their last bitter argument, when the girl’s final threat to tell his wife led to her tragic death. He had visited her room on the pretext of keeping his promises and in one moment of desperation had slit the poor girl’s throat. It is told she kept a large dog and that the dog pined to death at the side of her body.

The Tale of Dr Pilcher

Dr. Pilcher was the local doctor who served as M/O for the detachment at Mosborough Hall, at the turn of the 20th Century. He was a no-nonsense man and although he had heard tales about the hall, would not believe the story, but something had to be done, the whole detachment was buzzing with the story. He dismissed the tales as a legend and explained that whatever had happened, there must be some logical explanation. He joked about it and did his best to ease the situation. Eventually he said, that to show his faith in what he believed, he would sleep alone in that room.

This did cause a stir and there was much talk and excitement, not only at the Hall but the word spread to the local pubs. Much speculation led to bets being laid. It was quite the talk of the village and it was to be the very next night. Dr. Pilcher was awakened at 7.00a.m. with a knock at the bedroom door. ‘Cup of tea, Sir’, said the Captain’s Batman. With some relief Dr. Pilcher unlocked the door. ‘Put it down on the packing case, thank you,” said the Dr. The Batman marched in smartly enough – but instantly ‘froze’ on the spot. ‘What’s the matter, man?’ asked the Doctor.

‘It’s your B-bed, S-sir’, stammered the Batman. The Doctor looked ‘What’s the matt…?’ His words soon failed him. He could not believe what he saw. The pillowcase and the sheets were stained and dripping with the unmistakable redness of human blood – a grisly pool was splattered over the bedclothes and glistened as it dripped onto the polished floor. All colour drained from the Doctor’s face. Within a moment he was reduced to a shaking, whimpering wreck of a man. The Batman called for assistance.

The Doctor was helped down the stairs and driven straight to his home in a staff car. He resigned his post as Medical Officer and never set foot in Mosborough Hall again. But, the blood stains remained and no amount of scrubbing would ever remove them. Only in the recent conversion to the Hotel, were the stains removed and only then, when the floorboards were replaced. Editors note: Dr. Pilcher was the local GP at Mosborough from about 1908 to 1922. He served not only as M.O. for the Mosborough detachment of the Nott’s. and Derby’s but also as an examining doctor for recruits…

The Story of the Large Black Dog

A further experience, related by Mrs. Grant, involved her grandmother who was employed as a seamstress at the Hall. A child at the Hall was very ill and under constant care of the doctor. It happened that the parents had to go out for the evening and asked her to stay with the child. At first the child was restless and cried a great deal, but, shortly, she was able to pacify the little boy. As the child slept, she sat near to the cot but carried on with some sewing to pass the time.

Quite suddenly, she noticed a large black dog stood in the doorway, just to her right. The hound ambled across the room, straight to where she sat, and gently but firmly gripped her wrist with his soft mouth. It did not bite, but held her wrist with a firm hold for just a moment. Then letting go, it ambled off past the cot and vanished through the wall. The poor child died the next day – and for the rest of her life those teeth marks remained on her wrist.

Exorcism and Tragedy

There is another ‘coincidence’ which may or may not be connected with the strange happenings at Mosborough Hall. Since the beginning of this century, the Hall has passed through many hands. Almost without exception, even after leaving the Hall, some tragedy befell their family – two deaths by shooting accidents, unaccounted deaths of young children, etc. The last family to use it as a private residence, the Spaffords, auctioned their furniture and effects in a marquee erected on the lawns in front of the Hall. Unaccountably, the marquee burst into flames the night before the auction, causing great damage to the furniture and silver.

It is interesting that the Spaffords always said they did not experience any unusual happenings – for it was the Spaffords who engaged the services of the local vicar, Montague Holmes, to exorcise the Hall, accompanied by Harry Price, a renowned psychic researcher. This exorcism seems to have produced a more peaceable atmosphere, although the present owners have experienced minor strange incidents. Only within the last few months, two local women witnessed a vision which took the form of a white swirling mist on what is known as ‘The Brow’ by Mosborough Hall Farm Coincidence? Perhaps so!


A wealth of quality, service and history wait for you at Mosborough Hall Hotel. The Hotel was lovingly restored in 1974 from a magnificent 750 year old Manor House. No expense has been spared, with each room having been carefully restored and decorated to retain the historic ambience that is rarely enjoyed today. An ancient doorway leads from the friendly reception to the oak bar, with minstrel gallery and old stone mullioned windows, inviting you to relax in comfort as you take a drink, perhaps before enjoying the superb cuisine for which the restaurant has been long celebrated.

The elegant restaurant serves a mix of British, Continental and Classic cuisine. We use only seasonal foods and ingredients which reflects the ever changing A La Carte and Table D’Hôte menus, which ensures the cooking of the food remains exciting and at its peak of freshness. From Honey Glazed Lamb Knuckle with Red Onion Tart Tartin, to Escabeche of Mullet and Praline Soufflé, our menu is exciting and ever changing. The Restaurant consistently maintains its Rosettes award-winning standard with fresh home made breads, chocolates and patisseries.

Mosborough Hall has a selection of 47 rooms to cover all tastes; from Four Poster Feature Rooms with authentic wall panelling for that special occasion, to recently renovated Contemporary Rooms. Choose from an Executive room to a Superior room, Family, Twin or Double. All bedrooms have en-suite facilities and individual decor. Our friendly staff and management extend a very warm welcome to you and look forward to catering for your pleasures; each and every time you visit.


  • Beautiful Award Winning Restaurant
  • Weddings
  • Conference Facilities
  • Satellite Television
  • Trouser Press
  • Tea and Coffee making Facilities
  • Telephones Modem Links for e-mail and Internet Access
  • En-suite Bathrooms
  • Special Events organised throughout the year
  • A full Christmas and New Year Programme

Things to do

The hotel is in an ideal location for those wishing to have a relaxing weekend of shopping at Meadowhall, or a theatre trip in Sheffield or maybe a stroll through Derbyshire. The Supertram route is easily accessible from Mosborough Hall, with stops at Meadowhall, Don Valley, Hallam FM arena, Ponds Forge International Swimming Centre and Valley Centertainment.

Room Tariff

47 Bedrooms: Prices range from £52 for a Single to £108 for a Family Room. Our rates include a full traditional English breakfast.

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