Margam Castle is the picture-perfect example of a haunted location. It’s Gothic architecture and sheer grandeur are not the only things that lend to this castles eerie atmosphere though. The sheer number of reports here are astounding, with the most amazing poltergeist activity and full-bodied apparitions of children to name just a few of the occurrences.

Brief History

Margam Castle in Talbot, Wales, is a site that’s been inhabited for over 4000 years. It was an abbey during the 11th Century, however, the Gothic-styled castle you see today was built as a country house during the 19th Century. Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot commissioned the build, which took from 1830 to 1840 to complete.

The Talbots lived here until 1941 when it was sold to David Evans-Bevan, who subsequently found it too large to live in and moved out hoping to find a public organisation to take over the castle. He failed to find a buyer and it feels into disrepair. The local authority-owned the castle for a time, but it was not open to the public. Then in 1977, a fire ravaged the majority of the building, and it was only after this that restoration work finally began in earnest.

Today, Margam Castle is a Grade I listed building and is under the ownership of the Neath Port Talbot Council.

Margam Castle Ghosts

The number of paranormal reports and the frequency in which they occur has given the castle the reputation of being one of the most haunted places in the UK.

Robert Scott

The most prominent of all the reports here is the ghost of Robert Scott, a gamekeeper at the house for many years. He can be seen ascending the main staircase and is believed to be responsible for the most amazing poltergeist activity. If you try and contact him he has been known to throw stones at and around you. Robert gives off a sense of anger and torment when he’s felt, this can be related to his unjust murder by the gun of a poacher.

Victorian Children

The sound of children playing and giggling has often been reported throughout the corridors and the large rooms of the castle. These children have also been seen, often in the corner of your eyes darting in and out of rooms. Reports say they are always seen wearing a Victorian dress. Another report thought to be the children is that of mischievously moving objects from one area of the castle to another.

Other Reports

  • Night security has often reported hearing heavy running footsteps behind them and disembodied voices chattering away. Upon thorough inspection, no explanation has ever been found.
  • Gamekeepers and garden staff have reported seeing a dark figure whilst tending the vast castle grounds.
  • The cavalier in the Tapestry has been know to come in visitation and is believed to move chairs.
  • Conversations on EMF have been picked up, and have revealed direct responses from questions being asked.

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