Ghosts at Ludlow Castle

The ghost that haunts this castle is said to be that of Marion La Bruyere. She was the lover of an enemy of the castle but was betrayed one fateful night. On this night Marion had arranged to meet the knight in the high tower in which she stayed. She was to lower a rope down to the ground for the knight to climb up. However, unbeknown to Marion, he was plotting to allow the enemy of Ludlow to climb up that rope also. Shortly after his entrance 100 men stormed the castle and Ludlow was handed over to its enemies. Upon realising that her knight had betrayed her, she pulled his sword and slit his throat. Struck with grief and guilt, she threw herself from the tower window onto the rocks below.

It has been reported that the ghost of Marion can sometimes be seen at dusk. If you are to visit the tower on the anniversary of her death at the right time, you can also hear her screams.

Many visitors and staff have also reported hearing the voices from empty rooms as though someone is having a conversation.

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